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Fashion Illustration and Design : Methods and Techniques for Achieving Professional Results
Sách ngoại văn Author: Manuela Brambatti, Bruno Gianesi, Tony di Corcia Publisher: Promopress, 2017 Description: A design tutorial by Manuela Brambatti, Versace’s chief design illustrator, the book is an idea of couturier Flavio Marconi who, impressed by her drawing style, her unique taste designing fashion collections and the precision with which she captures the flow of fabric over the body, convinced her to put it into print. Here Brambatti reveals her fresh and innovative style, not better than others, as she writes, but orginal and distinctive for Versace’s workshop, halfway between fashion sketching and illustration. Source: Amzon
International Business Transactions: Text, Cases, and Materials
Sách ngoại văn Author: Frank Emmert Edition Statement: 2nd edition Publisher: Carolina Academic Press, 2021 Description: This second edition offers an innovative combination of textbook and casebook focusing on the practice of IBT law. The book contains important cases, dozens of model contracts, checklists for the analysis of complex problems, and flow charts for decision-making procedures. There are updated chapters covering contracts for the international sale of goods and services under CISG, UCC, and other contract laws; letters of credit, documentary collection, and other payment arrangements; shipping; insurance contracts; and transnational litigation and international commercial arbitration, for the enforcement of rights and...
Media Ethics: A Guide For Professional Conduct
Sách ngoại văn Author: Fred Brown, Cindy Kelley, Tony Peterson Edition Statement: Illustrated edition Publisher: Society of Professional Journalists Foundation, 2020 Description: Closely organized around the Society of Professional Journalists’ code of ethics — the news industry’s widely accepted “gold standard” of journalism principles — this updated edition uses real-life case studies to demonstrate how journalism students and professionals can identify and reason through ethical dilemmas. Stressing the cross-platform viability of basic ethical principles, this study features a wide selection of case studies penned by professional journalists-including several new additions-that offer examples of thoughtful, powerful, and principled reporting. Cases where regrettable decisions...
Artificial Intelligence in Marketing
Sách ngoại văn Author: Naresh K. Malhotra, K. Sudhir, Olivier Toubia Series: Review of Marketing Research. Volume 20. Publisher:  Emerald Publishing, 2023 Description: Review of Marketing Research pushes the boundaries of marketing—broadening the marketing concept to make the world a better place. Here, leading scholars explore how marketing is currently shaping, and being shaped by, the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Topics covered include the effects of AI on: economics; personalisation; pricing; content generation; the identification, structuring, and prioritization of customer needs; customer feedback; Natural Language Processing; image analytics; deep learning; and the anthropomorphism of AI, such as in virtual assistants and...
Negotiating International Commercial Contracts: Practical Exercises
Sách ngoại văn Author: Gustavo Moser, Michael McILwrath Publisher:  Eleven International Publishing, 2021 Description: Negotiating International Commercial Contracts – Practical Exercises is an innovative workbook that comprises over 80 real-life case scenarios, accompanied by suggested answers and guidelines. These are built upon the authors’ experience and understanding of both legal and business interests which underlie the negotiation of an international commercial contract. The exercises focus on two of the most vital choices in an international commercial contract: (i) the choice of the substantive law to govern the contract (or the failure to choose a law); and (ii) the method and place...
International Business Negotiations: Theory and Practice
Sách ngoại văn Author: Pervez N. Ghauri, Ursula F. Ott, Hussain G. Rammal Edition Statement: 1st Edition Publisher:  Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020 Description: This insightful new textbook provides comprehensive coverage of the theories and practices key to negotiating business deals in the twenty-first century. Employing a holistic framework, it offers an understanding of the factors that influence the negotiation process, the challenges associated with negotiating across borders and the strategies used by negotiators.   Key features include:   Enlightening and comprehensive, this book is an essential text for students of international business negotiations and global strategic management, and is ideal for course leaders...

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