Customer Relationship Management Concepts and Technologies
Sách ngoại văn Author: Francis Buttle, Stan Maklan  Edition Statement: 4th Edition Publisher:  Routledge, 2019 Description: Customer Relationship Management, Fourth Edition continues to be the go-to CRM guide explaining with unrivalled clarity what CRM is, its uses, benefits and implementation. Buttle and Maklan take a managerial perspective to track the role of CRM throughout the customer journey stages of acquisition, retention and development. Theoretically sound and managerially relevant, the book is liberally illustrated with examples of technology applications that support marketing, sales and service teams as they interact with customers, but assumes no deep technical knowledge on the reader’s part. The book is structured...
Sport Public Relations
Sách ngoại văn Author: G. Clayton Stoldt, Stephen W. Dittmore, Mike Ross, Scott E. Branvold Edition Statement: 3rd Edition Publisher:  Human Kinetics, 2021 Description: Sport Public Relations, Third Edition With HKPropel Access, offers a comprehensive examination of the value and practice of public relations in sport. Extensively updated and substantially reorganized, this third edition reflects the evolution of the field with modern applications across a wide range of media channels. The book&;s topics align with the Common Professional Component topics outlined by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA). The author team brings together significant professional and educational backgrounds in sport public relations to offer an...
Understanding sport organizations : applications for sport managers
Sách ngoại văn Author: Trevor Slack, Terri Byers, Alex Thurston Edition Statement: 3rd Edition Publisher:  Human Kinetics, 2021 Description: Textbook for graduate and upper-undergraduate courses in organizational theory and organizational behavior as it relates to sport and sport/recreation management degree programs; reference for practicing sport managers around the world. Content Part I. Introducing Sport ManagementChapter 1. The Management of Sport OrganizationsChapter 2. Doing Research in Sport Management Part II. Fundamentals of Managing Sport OrganizationsChapter 3. Organizational Goals and EffectivenessChapter 4. Sport Organizations and Their EnvironmentsChapter 5. Dimensions of Organizational StructureChapter 6. Design Options in Sport OrganizationsChapter 7. Sport Organizations and Their Responses to PolicyChapter 8....
Crisis Communications: A Casebook Approach
Sách ngoại văn Author: Kathleen Fearn-Banks Edition Statement: 5th Edition Publisher:  Routledge, 2017 Description: Crisis Communications: A Casebook Approach presents case studies of organizational, corporate, and individual crises, and analyzes the communication responses to these situations. Demonstrating how professionals prepare for and respond to crises, as well as how they develop communications plans, this essential text explores crucial issues concerning communication with the news media, employees, and consumers in times of crisis. Author Kathleen Fearn-Banks addresses how to choose the best possible words to convey a message, the best method for delivering the message, and the precise and most appropriate audience, in addition to...
Directing the Documentary
Sách ngoại văn Author: Michael Rabiger, Courtney Hermann Edition Statement: 7th Edition Publisher:  Routledge, 2020 Description: Directing the Documentary is the definitive book on the documentary form, that will allow you to master the craft of documentary filmmaking. Focusing on the hands-on work needed to make your concept a reality, it covers the documentary filmmaking process from top to bottom, providing in-depth lessons on every aspect of preproduction, production, and postproduction. The book includes dozens of projects, practical exercises, and thought-provoking questions, and offers best practices for researching and honing your documentary idea, developing a crew, guiding your team, and much more. This fully revised and updated...
Ongoing Crisis Communication : Planning, Managing, and Responding
Sách ngoại văn Author: W. Timothy Coombs Edition Statement: 5th Edition Publisher:  SAGE, 2019 Description: Providing an integrated approach to crisis communication that spans various disciplines and the entire crisis management process, the fifth edition of Ongoing Crisis Communication uses a three-stage approach to crisis management – pre-crisis, crisis and post-crisis. W. Timothy Coombs draws on first-hand experience in the field, explaining how crisis management can prevent or reduce the threats of a crisis and providing guidelines for how best to act and react in an emergency situation. The fifth edition includes new coverage of social media, social networking sites and terrorist threats and...


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