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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

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Author: Naresh K. Malhotra, K. Sudhir, Olivier Toubia

Series: Review of Marketing Research. Volume 20.

Publisher:  Emerald Publishing, 2023


Review of Marketing Research pushes the boundaries of marketing—broadening the marketing concept to make the world a better place.

Here, leading scholars explore how marketing is currently shaping, and being shaped by, the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Topics covered include the effects of AI on: economics; personalisation; pricing; content generation; the identification, structuring, and prioritization of customer needs; customer feedback; Natural Language Processing; image analytics; deep learning; and the anthropomorphism of AI, such as in virtual assistants and chatbots.

Each chapter provides thought provoking discussions which will be relevant to researchers, professionals, and students.


  • Introduction. The State of AI Research in Marketing: Active, Fertile, and Ready for Explosive Growth; K. Sudhir and Olivier Toubia
  • Chapter 1. The Economics of Artificial Intelligence: A Marketing Perspective; MengQi (Annie) Ding and Avi Goldfarb
  • Chapter 2. AI and Personalization; Omid Rafieian and Hema Yoganarasimhan
  • Chapter 3. Artificial Intelligence and Pricing; Diego Aparicio and Kanishka Misra
  • Chapter 4. Leveraging AI for Content Generation: A Customer Equity Perspective; David Schweidel, Martin Reisenbichler, Thomas Reutterer, and Kunpeng Zhang
  • Chapter 5. Artificial Intelligence and User-Generated Data are Transforming how Firms Come to Understand Customer Needs; John R. Hauser, Zelin Li, and Chengfeng Mao
  • Chapter 6. AI Applications to Customer Feedback Research: A Review; Peter S. Lee, Ishita Chakraborty, and Shrabastee Banerjee
  • Chapter 7. Natural Language Processing in Marketing; Jochen Hartmann and Oded Netzer
  • Chapter 8. Marketing through the Machine’s Eyes: Image Analytics and Interpretability; Shunyuan Zhang, Flora Feng, and Kannan Srinivasan
  • Chapter 9. Deep Learning in Marketing: A Review and Research Agenda; Xiao Liu
  • Chapter 10. Anthropomorphism in Artificial Intelligence: A Review of Empirical Work Across Domains and Insights for Future Research; Ertugrul Uysal, Sascha Alavi and Valéry Bezençon

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