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International Business Negotiations: Theory and Practice

Sách ngoại văn

Author: Pervez N. Ghauri, Ursula F. Ott, Hussain G. Rammal

Edition Statement: 1st Edition

Publisher:  Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020


This insightful new textbook provides comprehensive coverage of the theories and practices key to negotiating business deals in the twenty-first century. Employing a holistic framework, it offers an understanding of the factors that influence the negotiation process, the challenges associated with negotiating across borders and the strategies used by negotiators.

  Key features include:

  • An inclusive and systematic framework for international business negotiations, which can be applied in any negotiation context
  • Discussions of conflict resolution and strategies used in negotiating various types of contracts, providing students with a valuable toolset for handling complex and difficult negotiations
  • Contemporary case studies and international real-world examples, which reinforce student understanding of negotiation tactics
  • In-depth illustrations of crucial negotiation theories and methodologies, offering students a strong academic foundation for negotiation practice.

  Enlightening and comprehensive, this book is an essential text for students of international business negotiations and global strategic management, and is ideal for course leaders in need of an integrated textbook which offers both a theoretical foundation and practical guidance on the landscape of negotiating internationally.

Source: Amazon

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