Hoa Sen University



  1. Readers who want to use the library must have a HSU student/staff ID card.
  2. Books, newspaper, and magazines only for on-site reading, do not take books and newspaper out of the Library.
  3. Keep the order of the self-selected stack. Do not spill any books or break the stack’s arrangement. After reading, do not put the book back on the shelf; instead, put it in the designated place.
  4. Students must attend the Library User Guide class in order to borrow books. The library card is the student ID card. If your library card is lost, you must contact Librarianship right away and you must not lend it to anybody else.
  5. Readers can ask at the Service desk if they need copies of any documents.
  6. When using a computer, students must take care of the devices and not change or add any software. Avoid watching movies, playing games, or accessing unhealthy websites (even on personal laptops).
  7. Preserve the document when using it. Do not tear, cut, or make notes on books and newspaper.
  8. Dress neatly, put the personal items in the designated place. Register at the Service desk if bring personal books.
  9. Maintain cleanliness, silence, and order. Avoid eating, drinking, smoking, and using devices on mute (cell phones, laptops, etc.).
  10. Any violation of the mentioned rules will be punished according to library regulations.


For student:

For professor/staff:

Preservation Policy:

Breaches of rules of conduct:

  1. Damages or loss of materials: Readers shall compensate in material with the same titles and authors. If they could not do so, they shall pay a fine in cash 3 times more than the worth of the materials. In the case of especially rare materials, the library will form a record to have compensation solution and handle violations.
  2. The use of someone else card: Readers are not allowed to borrow books for three months after the first violation, and for one year after the next violation
  3. Late return:
  • Under 2 months: Readers are not allowed to borrow books for as long as the late return time.
  • From 2 to 4 months: Readers are not allowed to borrow books from 6 months to 1 year, depending on the severity.
  • Above 4 months: Readers are not allowed to borrow books permanently, the library will form and send the written record of handling violation to Training Department.
  • 4th year students are allowed to graduate only if they return all of the borrowed materials.

Please follow the aforementioned rules and procedures. Readers’ cooperation will improve library services and contribute to  build the modern, cultural environment.

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