Reference service

Question and Answer

  • The library is ready to answer readers’ questions about general knowledge and quick references.
  • The library do not answer questions to find answers to tests, quizzes, answers to exercises, and answers to questions from competitions ….
  • Provide electronic and print resources available at the library.
  • Providing free specialized websites on the Internet collected and selected by the library.
  • Provide articles, a list of articles of various scientific subjects in international journals, databases with high updates.
  • For documents that are shared or linked from other libraries or information centers, there may be a fee such as the delivery or service charges of the information provider.

User guide:

  • Guide readers to search, find, and exploit library resources and other online databases.
  • Guide and support readers to identify the right source of information appropriate to the needs of readers and know how to evaluate and select information.
  • Guide to find high quality information from the Internet.

Note: For in-depth reference questions, depending on the level of the question, the response time for readers may be delayed by 2-3 days. Reference staff will send email notification to readers know exactly the time you read will receive answers.

Method of service:

  • Lecturers, Students of Hoa Sen University.
  • Service time: From Monday to Saturday

⇒ Morning: 7:30 – 11:30

⇒ Afternoon: 13h – 16h30

⇒ Sunday, public holidays Not served

  •  Ask directly at the librarian’s desk
  •  Send messages on Library Fanpage or Chat via the Live Chat Application on the Website.
  •  Send your request via Email:

Requests for Reference Service users:

  • Use appropriate forms of interaction to contact the reference staff to use services such as face-to-face meetings, chats, emails, …
  • Provide the exact content of the information that readers need to find and comply with the requirements of the Reference Service
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