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Currently, the library has over 500 CD-ROMs, which are supplementary materials accompanying books. Readers Who wish to use them, please contact:
Vietnam Science and Technology Publication Database
Announcement on Science and Technology in Vietnam: The National Bureau of Science and Technology Information has been developing and maintaining this full-text library of Vietnamese S&T papers since 1987. This database now contains more than 200,000 records, of which more than 120,000 records are attached to original PDF files. Over 11,000 new papers are added to this database on average each year during weekly updates.
Springer Link Database
Springer Link is a multidisciplinary scientific database that excels in the study of science, engineering, and medicine. It contains more than 2,743 articles, more than 170 electronic references, 45,000 e-books, and other resources. The journal can be read by readers. Full-text journals dating back to 1997 and full-text books dating back to 2005 on any subject imaginable, including computer science, engineering, life science, economics, the environment, law, and psychology.
ProQuest Central Database
To provide a comprehensive, diverse, multidisciplinary study resource, ProQuest Central combines together many of the most popular databases used today. More than 19,000 journals—13,000 of which are full-text journals—in the social sciences, medicine, and economics are accessible through Proquest. Additionally, it offers 1,300 international newspapers, 1,000 conference papers, 43,000 corporate profiles, and more than 56,000 theses.
Vietnam Law Database
Law of Vietnam (LuatVietnam.vn) is the first website in Vietnam that goes extensively into the topic of construction, which compiles a system of legal papers issued by the Government of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam from the time of the nation’s formation (1945) to the present. The data on LuatVietnam.vn contains the following legal documents for Vietnam: the Constitution, Law, Resolution of the National Assembly; Ordinances and Resolutions of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly; Ordinances, Decrees, and Orders of the President; and Sub-law documents of the Government, the Prime Minister, Ministries, and Ministerial-Level Agencies under the Government...
Statista database
Statista is a database of market and consumer data that includes: + More than 1 million statistical data aggregates, complete reports for simple viewing and use (in XLS, PPT, PNG, PDF) from more than 22,500 sources + More than 41,000 research data + More than 200,000 market forecast data for 160 countries + More than 7,000 profiles created by professionals in the market research industry + Over 16,000 infographics (official infographics frequently appear on Forbes, WSJ, Financial Times,… Plus Market statistics, consumer behavior, demographics, and other consumer polls + Prospective research information on the digital market and consumer surveys in...


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