Hoa Sen University


This is not the responsibility of the library.

– Students create their own Turnitin accounts.

– Class ID and Class Enrollment Password: Your teacher is responsible for giving you this information.

The only account you use for Turnitin is your own.

Only the username is linked to the school’s email account; the Turnitin account is separate from it. To imagine, your Turnitin account is alike your Facebook or Google account. If you have never registered with Turnitin, you must do so now.

  • Students cannot use Turnitin’s plagiarism checking function to examine their tests. Users should pay for the service themselves if they want to test it out.
  • iParadigms LLC’s WriteCheck (the supplier of Turnitin products).
  • Students who voluntarily turn their papers from one subject for testing at another subject is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. The reason you shouldn’t (or rather, aren’t permitted to) do this is that when you officially turn in your work to the right class, Turnitin will show that you have plagiarized. The classes and submissions on Turnitin in the same way that you would in a real classroom at school.

Results might be ready in 10 to 15 minutes, depending on how long the submission is. Results will be available in at least 24 hours from the time of submission. If you see the term Processing after 24 hours and it hasn’t expired, just wait (if you have submitted is a completely normal Word file). You don’t need to submit continually because if you do, the percentage (SI – Similarity Index) may be quite high. The recommendation: should be submitted two to three days before the deadline.

Instead of continuing to turn in papers in the appropriate class, you must email the teacher with your contribution so that he or she can handle it in his or her own way. Avoid randomly resubmitting the paper to the correct class or another class because Turnitin will save the incorrect class submission and compare it, which will be seen as plagiarism if the SI score is high.

The following are the major services offered by the library:

  • Serving reading materials such as books, newspapers, electronic documents, and multimedia.
  • looking up book folders; – Internet connection in reading rooms.
  • Publish electronic resources including e-books, e-journals, and databases on the library’s website, often known as the library portal.
  • In accordance with the school curriculum, provide subject summaries, printed materials, and electronic resources.
  • Instructions for searching libraries and other information.
  • Do any necessary information searches

The rules that readers should follow by when accessing the library are showed in the “Library Rules.” board. Both the library’s websites and reading rooms list the library rules.

  • Readers entering the library must have their HSU staff card or student ID card with them. Readers who are full-time employees or students who have register for class to use the Library are eligible to borrow materials from the library.
  • External readers must present a valid ID in order to access the library, and they are only permitted to read on-site and at Campus 1.

NO lunch breaks in the reading rooms

Headquarters Nguyen Van Trang:

Mon-Fri:  8h00 – 19h00

Sat: 8h00 – 16h30

Location: Floor 8 – room 805

Quang Trung campus 2

Mon-Fri:  7h30 – 18h00

Sat: 8h00 – 16h30

Location: Floor 3 – room 301

Thanh Thai campus:

Mon-Fri:  8h00 – 18h00

Sat: 8h00 – 16h30

Location: area C – room 001

*Attention: Off on Sunday and holidays.

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