Hoa Sen University

Information literacy

Library Information Guide

In addition to the tutorial classes for new students at the beginning of the school year, the Library also organizes information lookup classes for teachers and students. The Library will notify the instruction schedule for each content.

The contents include:

  • Information knowledge overview.
  • Look up library resources (printed books, e-books, learning materials, databases).
  • How to find information and evaluate information on the Internet.
  • How to look up advanced Google.
  • Copyright and anti-plagiarism issues in teaching and learning.
  • Effective method to read books and take notes in class.
  • Method of making references lists for dissertations and research papers.
  • The content is related to information knowledge, support for teaching and other learning (according to specific requirements).

How to register:

  • Register directly at the Librarian’s counter.
  • Register directly on the Library website here.
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