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The Handbook of Creativity and Innovation in Business

Sách ngoại văn

Author: Rouxelle de Villiers

Edition Statement: 1st Edition

Publisher:  Springer Nature, 2022


This book enables readers to develop their own creative thinking and their teams’ creative problem-solving skills to generate novel, useful and surprising ideas. The vast majority of companies believe that a culture of innovation and renewal impacts performance and ultimately business results. In contrast, many managers feel ill-equipped to promote a culture of creative endeavour for this type of work-environment and lack the know-how to put it into practice.  
This book covers theory, practice, and impact metrics of both convergent and divergent thinking tools and provide managers with the ideas, tools and guidance to develop a corporate culture conducive to intrapreneurial thinking, idea creation and testing and moving inventions from ideas to viable business concepts, products and profitable innovations. This book includes numerous step-by-step tutorials to help the reader to learn concepts quickly. 

Source: Amazon

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