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TVCREATE 2023: More than just an advertising film creation contest

With the theme “Moments Of The Movement”, the Advertising Film Creation Contest – TVCREATE 2023 of Hoa Sen University (HSU) expands with many goals and tasks in the field of marketing, It’s not just advertising.

Creative playground for young people over the past 10 years

The organizers of TVcreate are grateful to Sponsors and guests accompanying the contest.

TVCreate is an academic playground established in 2010 for those who love advertising and marketing nationwide, organized by the Faculty of Economics – Business, Hoa Sen University. This year is the 11th season of TVCreate held on a large scale, for all young people from 16-24 years old nationwide, expected to reach about 10,000 people with a total prize value up to 140 million. The opening ceremony of the contest was held on March 29, 2023.

Dr. Phan Vo Minh Thang – Dean of Faculty of Economics and Management shared about the journey of more than 10 years of the contest.

In previous seasons, TVCreate was a contest held with the ultimate purpose of helping contestants hone and practice their advertising filmmaking skills. However, the organizers realize that it is time to change the format of the contest to help the contestants practice more skills and not just encapsulate the advertising film. This year, the contest will focus on the creativity and market thinking of young people to implement communication plans from concept to release. With this comeback, TVCreate 2023 will bring a new breath of life to young people, creating community connections but also bonding between people who share the same passion and passion for marketing.

The organizers answer questions about the contest.

“TVCreate has been known as a promotional film production competition for the past 12 years. However, with this year’s return, we hope that the contest promotes diversity in challenges to help candidates develop multi-skills in the field of Marketing in general from setting up to implementing a communication strategy for the business”, shared Cu Dang Anh Quang – Head of the Organizing Committee of the contest.

This year, TVCreate contestants will have to go through 4 rounds

In tune with the trend of the youth

If in the previous season, TVCreate took the theme “Take a step forward” with a focus on the topic of “post-Covid-19”, then in 2023, the theme of the contest is aimed at current youth trends: “Moments Of The Movement – Catching the pace of change”.

The students asked questions about the contest rules.

With the rapid development and rapid change of modern life: New trends appear constantly, technology and utilities are constantly improved … making young people have the habit of taking and storing photos based on new smartphone technologies. The powerful influence of today’s digital photo archives has directly competed with the instant camera market and tarnished the emotional, artistic and realism value of every “live moment”.

With this theme, the competition teams will act as the Marketing team of the camera brand Kodak – the main sponsor of the contest. Candidates must propose an integrated media marketing plan (IMC) for instant camera products (Instant camera) with the aim of: Make Kodak become a popular instant camera of Vietnamese youth in 6 months with estimated budget, Spread the spirit of Moments Of the Movement.

Many of you are interested in this year’s contest.

Accordingly, candidates have to go through 4 rounds of examination. Round 1: Contestants make basic proposals from the problem. Round 2: Teams will work with Mentor (instructor) for technical support and complete Proposal. Round 3: Teams complete their viral clips in the most perfect way to post on the Facebook platform. The clips will be measured communication effectiveness after 2 weeks of posting. Round 4: The best teams will present to the program’s jury about the proposal formation process as well as show the effectiveness of the marketing plan that the teams have set.

The organizers of the contest are all HSU students with the guidance of Marketing faculty. As an annual academic competition, TVCreate is proud to be a healthy and useful playground for young people. Participating in TVCreate, contestants will have the opportunity to learn, gain experience and develop themselves through each round. TVCreate 2023 is scheduled to start from March 29, 2022 to June 10, 2023.

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