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More than 10,000 Tet gifts given to all students of Hoa Sen University

In the past few days, all campuses of Hoa Sen University (HSU) have become bustling thanks to the activity of giving Tet gifts to students. With the desire to send greetings and gratitude to students and parents on the occasion of the new year, the school has given more than 10,000 gifts to students.

Students of Faculty of Economics and Management are excited to receive Tet gifts

Accordingly, from the beginning of December, Hoa Sen University organizes for students to register to receive Tet gifts. All these gifts will be delivered directly to students at the school or delivered to parents’ homes via the permanent address registered by the student. From December 27, gifts have started to be delivered to students. This is the first year Hoa Sen University organizes gift giving activities to students on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. The school made more than 10,000 gifts. The implementation cost is up to billions of dong, including the contribution from the socialization budget from partners and businesses of the university.

Students of Vatel program receive Tet gifts

HSU Tet gifts for students include: Ceramic cups (3 cups), premium lotus tea and red envelopes. In particular, HSU porcelain cups are engraved with the words containing messages about the family such as: “I love you father”, “I love you mother”, “I love you”. This is a way for the School to remind students about showing love to their loved ones. Tet gifts are an integral part of the Vietnamese Tet tradition, however, beyond material things, the most meaningful gift for loved ones during Tet is the words of love.

Students of Faculty of Art Design receive Tet gifts

The activity of giving Tet gifts to students is also a spiritual link connecting the family and Hoa Sen University. From there, it helps parents understand more about the school that their children are attending, where the values ​​of sharing and love are always appreciated, where not only knowledge but also education about humanity is given, for students to become “the best version of themselves”.

Let’s take a look at some pictures of students excitedly receiving gifts!

A special logo is created from HSU Tet gift boxes
Faculty of Logistics organized a meeting and received Tet gifts for students.
Vatel students receive gifts from MSc. Phu Truong Thang
Student at Faculty of International Languages ​​and Cultures.
Dr. Phan Vo Minh Thang – Dean of Faculty of Management Economics presents gifts to students.
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