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HSU representative visits INTI International University – Opening up learning opportunities for students at Malaysia’s leading university

With the orientation of being a university of international standards, Hoa Sen University (HSU) always welcomes international universities to work, sign cooperation agreements with the school, and directly visit and work with major universities in the world to open up many opportunities for students.

Dr. Phung Thai Minh Trang (blue suit) with the delegation in Malaysia

Recently, at the invitation of the CEO of INTI International University, Dr. Thai Minh Trang – Dean of HSU Faculty of Finance – Banking had a business trip to Malaysia. The visit also included speakers from other countries such as Indonesia, India, Brunei and Iraq.

Dr. Phung Thai Minh Trang – Dean of HSU Faculty of Finance – Banking and representatives of representative schools from other countries.

The business trip aims to expand the cooperative relationship with INTI International University, especially activities such as fieldtrip, student exchange, lecturer exchange and research cooperation. Ms. Minh Trang also participates in events linking other international universities in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, to increase opportunities for students to study and work abroad. Ms. Minh Trang had an interview to introduce Hoa Sen University to international friends before the end of the trip.

INTI International University is the only university in Malaysia with global connections. INTI is part of Laureate Group, USA – the largest educational organization in the world. INTI provides high quality programs, modern teaching methods, and international standard curriculum for more than 55,000 students around the world.

Dr. Phung Thai Minh Trang gave an interview about the learning environment at HSU.

The meeting will be an opportunity to open cooperation between INTI and HSU, increase international learning experiences for HSUers, and affirm that HSU is also a destination for international students, ready to welcome INTI students from Malaysia to enroll.

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