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Highlights at the Opening Ceremony of HSU’s 2023-2024 academic year

In order to bring vivid experiences to students, the opening ceremony of the academic year 2023 -2024 of Hoa Sen University is invested a lot of effort, enthusiasm and time of the School Board, lecturers, staff and HSU students.

The opening performance was elaborately invested

The opening ceremony stage is carefully set up with sound and lighting.

1. First, the stage, sound, and lighting of the Opening Ceremony are carefully and majestically invested. The opening performance of Mash up “A million dreams & Thousand dreams of Vietnam” was carefully choreographed by singer Ngoc Quynh – an HSU alumnus and the school’s performing arts team. In particular, the LED interactive dance performance combined with beautiful laser mapping technology with the theme “Be yourself, but be your best self” brought a satisfying performance to viewers.

Flag procession with the participation of nearly 40 lecturers and students.

2. Flag procession with the presence of the Board of Directors and nearly 40 students and lecturers. If every year, the traditional flag procession and flag presentation ceremony at the HSU Opening Ceremony is only for students, this year, this ritual becomes more formal with the witness of the School Board of Directors and the Deputy Faculty/Institute right on stage. This is an affirmative proof that the School and teachers will always accompany students throughout their 4-year university journey.

3. The Board of Directors, teachers and new student representatives spoke in 9 different languages. To affirm the international learning environment at HSU, the Board of Directors and teachers gave inspirational sharing in 9 languages including: French, Thai, Russian, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese , Spanish, English, Vietnamese… The teachers are all experts, who have a lot of experience teaching, studying and working in many countries around the world. Therefore, the open thinking and foreign language skills of teachers are factors that contribute to creating an international culture and learning environment at HSU. In addition, Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang – New student majoring in Interior Design is an international student returning from France. Speaking at the ceremony, Thuy Hang also shared in French and expressed her feelings when deciding to choose HSU as soon as she returned to Vietnam.

Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang – New student majoring in Interior Design spoke in French.

4. The program has the participation of many famous artists such as singer Hoa Minzy, singer Phuong My Chi, singer Le Khoa. In addition to the impressive performances of the students, the program of the Opening Ceremony of the 2023 – 2024 school year also has the presence of artists to stir up the atmosphere, bringing moments of entertainment and enthusiasm to students.

Singer Hoa Minzy performed at the HSU Opening Ceremony.

Singer Phuong My Chi performed at the HSU Opening Ceremony.

5. Performing artists are students of the school. The opening ceremony also featured the voices of artists such as: Singers Ho Van Cuong, Mon Hoang Anh, Viet Thi, KenJi. There is also national taekwondo player Nguyen Quang Tri with a “collection” of domestic and international gold medals. All of you are extremely talented Hoa Sen students and are ready to give your best at school events.

Singer Mon Hoang Anh, Rapper KenJi, Singer Ho Van Cuong, Singer Viet Thi – HSU Marketing student performs at Welcome Day.

K23 students burn pictures of themselves at Welcome Day.

In addition, Welcome Day also takes place with many activities such as booths, games, mini games from businesses and more than 30 clubs. New students enjoyed extremely impressive performances from clubs, Poseidose music band, performing arts team… The festival energized and demonstrated the “playfulness” of HSU students.

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