Seminar “Buddhism in modern life”

The Department of Tourism, Faculty of Languages ​​and Culture held a talk on “Buddhism – Buddhism in modern life” presented by speaker Dr. Duong Ngoc Dung.

Content: The process of Buddhism quickly adapting to the lifestyle of the Vietnamese people and in the process of formation and development, Buddhism has not encountered any obstacle in integrating into all strata of Vietnamese society. . Besides, the morality of Vietnamese Buddhism has also been deeply rooted in the way of life and thinking of the Vietnamese people and has become invaluable spiritual values ​​for the people in this country. During the history of the past eighteen centuries, Buddhism has proved its existence in almost all fields of politics, economy, culture, society… and has made contributions and positive influences. focus on the above aspects.

Time: 8:00 – 11:30, Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Location: Room 903 – Nguyen Van Trang Campus

About the speaker:

Duong Ngoc Dung graduated with a Master’s degree from the Department of East Asian Studies at Harvard University (USA) in 1995, a PhD in Religious Studies from Boston University (USA) in 2001, an MBA from the United Business Institute (Belgium). ) 2007.

In addition, he has held senior management positions, training and consulting for large organizations such as Samsung, LG Vina, Consulate General of the US, Australia, New Zealand, Ministry of Planning & Investment, Ministry of Finance. , Vietnam Television, Consulate General of Singapore…

Currently, he is teaching at the University of Social Sciences & Humanities and teaches Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, and Cross-Cultural Management at the Paris Graduate School of Management. He also teaches at the MBA programs of the University of Bolton (UK) and Northwestern University (Switzerland) in Vietnam.