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What benefits will AUN-QA accreditation bring to students?

With 8 academic programs meeting AUN-QA standards, students of Hoa Sen University (HSU) have more advantages in learning and experiencing. At the same time, the degree is also more valuable in the labor market.

AUN (ASEAN University Network) is the quality assurance organization of the ASEAN University Network. The AUN-QA’s set of standards was issued in 2004 by the ASEAN University Network with the goal of promoting the quality assurance process at universities in the region and aiming to link credit information from qualified programs between schools in the network. AUN-QA’s set of standards includes 11 standards, including: Expected Learning Outcomes, Program Description, Program Structure and Content, Teaching and Learning Methods, Student Assessment, Quality of lecturers, quality of support staff, quality of students and student support activities, infrastructure and equipment, quality improvement, output.

Hoa Sen University achieved AUN-QA accreditation for 8 majors

AUN-QA focuses on evaluating all conditions to ensure the training quality of the whole program. Accreditation according to AUN-QA will help schools assess how their training programs score on the regional assessment standards.

Since 2019, Hoa Sen University has participated in the assessment process according to ANU-QA standards and has 2 qualified majors including: English Language and Hotel Management. By June 2021, the school has 3 more majors namely Information Technology, Interior Design, Restaurant Management and Food Service that meet the standards according to this assessment. In 2022, HSU will have 3 more majors: Tourism and Travel Service Administration, Software Engineering, and Graphic Design.

Many benefits for students

With a strict and transparent inspection process; the set evaluates comprehensively training quality and recognized by the education systems of countries inside and outside Southeast Asia, AUN accreditation helps Vietnamese universities step by step determine their position in the world. themselves in the international arena. Participating in the AUN accreditation will bring many benefits to students.

Students will learn in a dynamic and creative environment

Quality assurance program
To meet AUNQA standards, universities must ensure the criteria of facilities, classrooms, equipment and learning environment for students. The curriculum is well-structured, combines maximum practice with theory and is always updated according to modern educational trends of universities around the world. Through AUN QA accreditation activities, the strengths and weaknesses of the major’s training program will be clearly shown and the school and faculty will have a specific action plan to overcome the shortcomings and improve the quality of the training program, upgrade and ensure the quality of the teaching and learning environment.

Experience the environment, good student service
In the standards assessed by AUNQA, the criteria of care, support and counseling services for students are very important. Students not only learn but must “live” at the school with experiences in services, fun activities, diverse learning exchanges, enthusiastic attention and support from other departments/units.

A university degree that is accredited by AUN-QA will have an advantage in the labor market

Easily implement student exchange:
Students studying programs that are assessed and recognized by AUN-QA will easily make student exchange or transfer credits with universities in the region. In addition, graduates from these programs will have many advantages in finding employment in the regional and international markets.

Guaranteed output
By meeting AUNQA standards, the University will affirm its commitment to society and employers about the quality of the outputs of the training program, which is human resources trained according to strictly controlled quality standards. AUN-QA accreditation results help employers have a reliable basis to find qualified human resources, from a training program with internationalized quality references.

With these advantages, students can rest assured when studying AUNQA-qualified programs at HSU. Study, experience and be guaranteed output with internationally recognized qualifications.

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