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The intense competition in the final at “Gen Z – The Leading Generation” season 2

On the evening of September 6, the ranking finale of the reality TV show “Gen Z – the leading generation” was broadcast with many attractive competitions. After many intense rounds of competition, Phung Minh Hang – a student of Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted excellently became the champion of season 2.

The contests were elaborately staged at the Gen Z Final – The Generation of Leaders.

Gen Z is “all-powerful”

Gen Z – The Leading Generation is a reality TV show that integrates debating, problem solving, logical thinking and leadership skills for high school students produced by the students of Hoa Sen University (HSU). The difference of this year’s program is that it not only focuses on contestant skills but also focuses on developing many other skills.

Contestant Duy Kien in the opening contest

The show’s format creator said: “Gen Z – The Leading Generation” season 2 aims at an all-powerful young generation, not only with knowledge and skills but also sensitive to social issues, always creative and ready to take on challenges. That’s why this season 2, the show doesn’t just encapsulate the form of debating because, after all, debating is just a skill.”

Contestant Tran Trong Doan and the impressive opening

Through each round, candidates have built a rich and diverse knowledge base in many fields, especially hot issues of society. In addition, candidates will also be trained in leadership, problem-solving, persuasion skills, logical thinking, situational handling ability, etc. The contestants also have the opportunity to show their stance, views and sharp eloquence skills of individuals in particular and of Gen Z in general.

Contestant Bui Thu Thao in the self-introduction contest

From 500 applications, the organizers have selected golden faces with many factors and skills to enter the final round. After nearly 6 months of organizing with a series of practical challenges, the program has selected the 5 best faces to compete at the finale including: Tong Thuc Uyen comes from Nguyen Du High School for the Gifted – Dak Lak, Bui Thu Thao – Hanoi National University of Education High School for the Gifted, Tran Trong Doan – Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted, Phan Duy Kien – UK Academy Ba Ria.

Exploding at the finale

The ranking final of the show Gen Z – The leading generation season 2 brought many eye-catching performances and quality of competition content when integrating a series of staged performances in 4 competitions: The exam shows self-direction, the knowledge test, the case-handling test, the stage staging contest.

Contestant Tong Uyen from Dak Lak.

At the self-directed exam, contestant Phung Minh Hang made a strong impression with the story of the Covid-19 pandemic and her dream of becoming a doctor, Tran Trong Doan brings a different way of thinking, ready to remove all prejudices from outsiders about himself, Bui Thu Thao with strong affirmations and the orientation to become an entrepreneur in the field of education. These 3 contestants have excellently entered the TOP 3.

Contestant Phung Minh Hang and the story of her dream of becoming a doctor

In the knowledge test, candidates will press the bell to win the right to answer questions, there are a total of 10 questions in many fields. The questions sequence the data to find the big keyword of the program. In the situational round, the Top 3 will participate in 3 situations given by businesses and the jury. Candidates must demonstrate the following skills: critical thinking, negotiation, decision making, questioning, etc. Especially the final exam with 3 keywords “Belief”, “Emotion”, “Thinking”, the final 3 finalists have once again affirmed their charismatic performance, confidence in mastering the stage, and their ability to skillfully lead problems.

TOP 3 overall in the knowledge round.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy – President of HSU said: ““The most important purpose of “Gen Z – Leading Generation” is the desire to create a useful playground for the young generation to have the courage, logical thinking, and dare to speak up. You guys have expressed very well your views on many issues, not only your age but also political, social, health, educational issues… The finale tonight, you took us from one surprise to another.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy – President of HSU shared at the final night.

In the end, contestant Phung Minh Hang from Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted excellently won the highest score from the jury and became the champion of Gen Z, the Leading Generation season 2 with a Young Leaders Scholarship worth VND 130,000,000 and a cash prize of VND 10,000,000. Contestant Tran Trong Doan won the 1st runner-up title with a Golden Lotus Scholarship worth VND 65,000,000 and VND 7,000,000 in cash. Contestant Bui Thu Thao won the 2nd runner-up title with the Green Lotus Excellence Scholarship worth VND 32,500,000 and VND 5,000,000 in cash. Besides, Minh Hang is also an excellent candidate to receive an entrepreneur scholarship from Hoa Sen University worth VND 165,000,000.

Phung Minh Hang won the champion of Gen Z – The leading generation season 2

Sharing about the feeling of winning the top position, Minh Hang said: “I’m very happy, excited and surprised. Gen Z – The leading generation season 2 is an expanded version that is true to the two-word definition of “all-powerful”. I feel that I have learned a lot of things, a lot of new skills through each round, and I am very grateful to everyone who has accompanied me on this journey.”

Gen Z – The leading generation season 2 ended successfully.

With the spirit of liberal education, entrepreneurial spirit, respect for differences, Hoa Sen University always brings many vivid experiences not only to students but also to high school students. The Gen Z program – The leading generation season 2 has successfully closed, creating a useful playground for students, and at the same time creating almighty and brave Gen Z factors.

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