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The final round of the Hoa Sen Open Basketball Tournament 2022

On the evening of October 15, through many thrilling matches, the 2022 Hoa Sen Basketball Open Tournament organized by students of Hoa Sen University (HSU) found 2 champions in 2 groups of men and women.

Hoa Sen Basketball Tournament 2022 is organized by the students of Hoa Sen University Basketball Club. The tournament aims to create a healthy playing field, improve students’ health and physical development, promote the basketball movement, and create opportunities for exchanges between students from universities across the country. This year is the second year that the tournament is held on a larger scale, attracting 22 teams from universities across the country.

HSU’s LBC team impresses with the good coordination between teammates

Thai Ngoc Tran Chau – Captain of the LBC team of Hoa Sen University and Head of the Organizing Committee of the Hoa Sen Open Basketball Tournament said: “We have cherished to organize a big tournament to create opportunity for students who are passionate about basketball to exchange and improve their sports-loving spirit. Fortunately, after season one, we have gained more trust and investment from Hoa Sen University as well as sponsors to expand this tournament and attract 22 participating teams.”

In the Men’s group, NTTU Team and Yourlife Academy continuously followed the scores of their opponents

Through the rounds, the final round and 3rd place competition of Hoa Sen Basketball Tournament 2022 took place at Ho Xuan Huong Gymnasium with the competition of the following teams: Competition for 3rd – 4th place in the women’s group includes the team HSU – Hoa Sen University competing for 3rd place with the Boroteam club, the men’s group includes the team of Ho Chi Minh City University of Education (HCMUE) and RMIT University. The women’s group final consisted of the LBC team – Hoa Sen University (HSU) and the University of Economics and Finance team of Ho Chi Minh City (UEF). The men’s final match took place between the teams of Yourlife Basketball Academy and Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU).

Team LBC celebrates winning the championship for 2 consecutive seasons of the tournament.
In the Men’s group, NTTU team won against Youlife

The final round took place with the thrilling chase between the competing teams. Despite the tight schedule, Quarterfinals – October 11, 2022, Semi-finals – October 12, 2022, Finals – October 15, 2022, but the teams still burned out in the final night. With a good coordination between the members and beautiful passes, the LBC team of Hoa Sen University won against UEF with a score of 39-29. In particular, this is also the 2nd time that they have become the consecutive Champion of the tournament. Meanwhile, the two teams in the men’s group, including Yourlife and NTTU, are “on equal footing” when constantly creating scores of chases. In the end, NTTU team – Nguyen Tat Thanh University became the Champion of the men’s group with the score 50-45. In addition, Boroteam Club (women’s group) and HCMUE team (men’s group) successfully won 3rd place of the tournament.

UEF women’s team won 2nd place.
Yourlife team won 2nd place in the men’s group.

Huynh Truong Hai – Member of the runner-up team – Yourlife Basketball Academy shared: “I am quite satisfied with the result because my team fought hard. Hoa Sen University has carefully prepared to organize a tournament like this for athletes and basketball lovers. The tournament gathers a lot of strong teams, their techniques are very good, I personally think this is a quality tournament. This is also a springboard for me to continue participating in bigger basketball courts in the future.”

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