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Project “Sen House” – psychological channel for HSU students

On May 6, 2023, the Institute for Research and Consulting on Psychological Solutions, Faculty of Social Sciences – Law of Hoa Sen University (HSU) launched the project “Sen House” – project on psychology for HSU students. The ceremony was attended by a large number of lecturers, students and experts in psychology.

The Board of Directors, Leaders of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law and the Institute for Research and Consultancy on Psychological Solutions jointly performed the kick-off ceremony of the project “Sen House”

“Sen House” is a project consisting of series of programs that bring practical experiences, professional training, skills and sharing of useful knowledge based on science for students and the community. “Sen House” was built and developed with the enthusiasm of educators who want to be more socially engaged in order to create positive and sustainable impacts for the community.

Ms. Vo Tan Phuong Hong, – Deputy Director of the Institute of Psychological Solutions Research and Consulting introduced the project

At the kick off ceremony, the Institute for Research and Consulting for Psychological Solutions introduced upcoming programs and how the “Sen House” project works to teachers and students. Accordingly, the “Sen House” project will include the following series of programs: Sen Go to School, Me and Trend, Taste and Talk, Nurture and Embrace My House.

A large number of students participated in the kick-off session of the project “Sen House”.

The “Sen Go To School” program includes workshops and short courses to train professional and necessary skills for students preparing to enter the university environment and freshmen. At “Sen Go To School”, students will be cultivated, knowledge of necessary skills such as: Teamwork and self-management, Behavioral culture in university environment, Scientific thinking and study skills, Academic integrity and Prevention of violence against identity and gender, etc. Moreover, “Sen Go To School” aims to experience scientific knowledge – practice doing research and publishing scientific articles. Through training, guidance, and supervision by a team of experienced researchers and specialized faculty, students have the opportunity to access research methods, conduct research, participate in competitions and publish science.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Loan – Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences – Law of HSU shared about the project.

Following Sen Go to School is Me and Trend – where students discuss with experts about self-positioning and the impact of the times, trends and self-build trends that have a positive impact on the community. Me And Trend will bring to the community the values of individual differences, the opportunity to see and listen to issues from many different perspectives and lenses.

Taste and Talk is a series of programs to experience, share and support the community in various forms such as workshops, exhibitions, panel talks, gameshows. Taste and Talk is aimed at non-students such as working people, businesses, adults, middle-aged and seniors in order to bring experiences, share and support with diverse approaches. As is true with the names Taste and Talk, with the perception of the senses, participants will be heard, by experts or themselves to better understand the problems they are facing and get support from experts.

Students participating in the Art Therapy experience

Incubation, Hug, Warmth is a series of social work activities, Incubation, Hug, Warmth is not simply a charity event, but goes beyond implementing actions and projects that bring positive and sustainable impacts to society. Incubation, Hug, Warmth targets vulnerable groups, disadvantaged groups in society and gives them opportunities and appropriate and necessary values in life. Besides, Incubation, Hug, Warmth is also a bridge connecting participants – especially Hoa Sen students with large and small organizations, social activists to understand more about the sustainable values we need to aim for.

Sen House’s mission is not only to provide Psychological Counseling services, but also projects for society and students to bring meaningful values to the community. The core value is Sen House connecting, listening, sharing and science.

Students participating in the Art Therapy experience

Dr. Nguyen Thi Loan – Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences – Law of HSU shared about the project: “The Sen House operates with the spirit of being a HOUSE, so that there, everyone who comes and goes has a sense of belonging, together contributing to the development of a Hoa Sen University that fulfills the mission of “transferring new knowledge” with both intellectuality and mind developing side by side. In that spirit, may each of us always find joy, because there is one more day, thousand days and days to live, to devote and to love.

Teachers and students at the event.

In addition, right at the kick-off ceremony, the guests heard about art works and participated in the experience of Art Therapy – a form of psychotherapy combined with art mediation.

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