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HSU women’s team won the Southern National Basketball Tournament

Overcoming more than 40 competing teams in the South, the women’s basketball team of Hoa Sen University (HSU) won the championship, the men’s team won the runner-up (2nd place) at the National Student Basketball Tournament. With this result, HSU is also the first university with 2 teams reaching the national final round that will take place at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology.

The HSU female players had an excellent performance against the TDTU team

With the desire to develop the sports movement of young people and bring a version of the Basketball Tournament for students according to the international sports tournament standards, and at the same time create a healthy sports field, nurture passion and discovering student basketball talents who contribute to the development of community basketball and go far on the path of professional competition, the Department of Physical Education – Ministry of Education and Training cooperates with other units. National Student Basketball Tournament. The tournament brings together 100 teams (78 men’s teams, 23 women’s teams) across the country to compete. In which, the South region has 43 participating teams.

Despite being 8 points ahead, the HSU team quickly turned the situation around.

After 15 days of competition in the group stage and semi-final, the final round of the Southern region took place on the afternoon of November 6 at the University of Education, Physical Training and Sports, Ho Chi Minh City. 4 teams competed to decide the champion, including: Women’s group – Hoa Sen University (HSU) and Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU), men’s group including Hoa Sen University (HSU) and RMIT University.

Diep Xuan Yen – Female player with precise attacks.

In the women’s group, HSU’s team had an excellent performance, turning the situation around to win. Although in the first two quarters, the female players were 8 points behind, but with calm, rhythmic coordination and the breakthrough strategy of coach Thuy Vi in the last two rounds, the members of the HSU women’s basketball team had a “reverse flow”. Meanwhile, the TDTU team encountered many deadlocks in the deployment of the attack. At the same time they didn’t contest well enough and lost quite a few chances. In the end, HSU excelled ahead of the opponent with a score of 49 -34. This victory brought the Southern championship for the young girls of HSU. In addition, with a breakthrough and consecutive scoring in the 4th round, Diep Xuan Yen (No. 9, HSU) became the best player in the South region.

The fierce competition between the two male teams.

Sharing about the team’s victory, Xuan Yen shared: “I feel very proud and happy because after 3 years of trying, we finally made it this year and won the championship in the South. When standing on the field, hearing the cheering is the motivation for us to lift up our spirits and continue to fight hard. This victory is a joint effort of the whole team, especially my coach, who has always accompanied, helped and encouraged me from the very first day. Thank you Hoa Sen University for always creating conditions for us to have a playground and have the opportunity to participate in the competition in the best way.”

HSU women’s team won the Southern women’s group championship

Meanwhile, in the men’s group, the two teams entered the match with a balance, playing tug-of-war with breathtaking attacks. However, from the third round, the HSU squad with many pillars of injury, some members had to try to suppress the pain of the competition, causing the score to start to differ. At the end of 4 rounds, RMIT University won with a score of 55 – 38, the HSU team won the runner-up with regret. This result is completely worthy of what the competing teams have shown in this final. However, the two teams will still meet at the national final round with the two women’s teams of HSU and TDTU. 4 representatives of the South region will compete with the teams of the North and Central regions.

HSU men’s basketball team also excellently won second place

It is expected that the opening ceremony of the final round of the National Student Basketball Tournament will take place on November 12, 2022 at the Gymnasium of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology – Vietnam National University.

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