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HSU – The place with you to start the journey to become the best version

Although coming from many different places, with different personalities, dreams and ambitions, each student of Hoa Sen has the same goal of becoming the best version of yourself. That is also the message from the newly launched TVC of Hoa Sen University.

The story is about 4 characters representing 4 students with different personalities and career choices. They gathered together at Hoa Sen, and also thanks to the ticket to enter that Hoa Sen house, they found themselves, promoting their own personality and nature. So, is the story of the journey to HSU of 4 students transformed into 4 “real” characters like the footage?

Minh Quang transforms into a character who is passionate about singing and performing events in TVC

Doan Minh Quang, a character in the TVC story, shared: “In the past, I enjoyed attending entertainment and music events, so I cherished the dream of becoming a good Event Manager to do big shows. When looking for schools with event majors to study, it was Hoa Sen University that caught my eye. The story of the character that I incarnate in TVC is also my future dream, confident, burning with passion for my event.”

In everyday life, Quang is also passionate about music and events.

Khanh Ngan – the girl who plays the role of a fashion design student also said: “I have long realized that I am an active and disruptive child. I don’t like things that stereotype or limit creativity. When it comes time to choose a university path, HSU is my priority, because HSU “Respects the difference”. I like HSU so much that I put my first 2 aspirations at the school even though I passed the school transcript. After 2 years of studying, I feel that I have changed more in both knowledge, thinking, and especially being facilitated by the school to try out many new roles, participating in the filming of TVC clips is one of them.”

Khanh Ngan plays a personality girl who is passionate about fashion
In normal school days, Ngan is also a “cool” student of HSU.

Meanwhile, Hong Huan, a student of Restaurant Management and Food Service, was “chosen” to be the representative of the Information Technology major. At HSU, Huan is a multi-talented student, deputy organizer of The Future Chef Contest season 10 project, former president of the Millennium Dragon dance club. Huan also shared that the reason why he chose HSU to stay at first was because of the suitability of his major, but what kept him until 4 years was because he felt that this place was really his “second home”. “From friends, teachers to all the student experiences I have, all of them are brought to me by the Sen family, so there is no reason for me not to stay at my home.”

Hong Huan plays a guy who is passionate about technology.
However, Huan’s real major is Restaurant and Catering Management.

As for Huong Giang, the story of a good hotel and restaurant manager in TVC is also Giang’s dream since her days as a high school student. “When I was in grade 12, I happened to know about the contest about I-Hotelier, I decided to give it a try and fell in love with this field. Until the final round, I still didn’t know this was a contest organized by students. That’s why when I found out that the Organizing Committee was a student of Hoa Sen, I had the feeling that I finally knew what my choice was.”

Huong Giang plays a young girl who is passionate about the hotel industry.

Sharing the message when participating in the filming of TVC, Giang said: “The characters in TVC all have their own stories, stories of young people facing big decisions in life, and I seem to see my own story in it too. That’s why I appreciate this opportunity even more, the opportunity to contribute to spreading stories to other young people, to let them know that they are not alone, to help them find the path they want and walk it confidently.”

Huong Giang is currently a 3rd year student majoring in Hotel Management.

Although each student comes to HSU with different opportunities as well as the 4 characters who bring 4 representative stories in TVC, all of them have the blood and enthusiasm of youth. Sometimes it’s stubborn and stubborn, but it was Hoa Sen who opened the door for them to grow up day by day, find their own strengths and become the best version of themselves.

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