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HSU students are excited to discuss starting a business with Miss Doan Thien An

Talkshow about entrepreneurship is not too strange, but about starting a business with Miss, for the first time was at Hoa Sen University (HSU). This is the topic that HSU students exchanged with Miss Doan Thien An on May 22.

Miss Doan Thien An and CEO Pham Kim Dung at Hall 204, HSU.

This morning (May 22), HSU students had an exchange with Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 Doan Thien An and businessman Pham Kim Dung at the talkshow “BFP START-UP WITH GEN Z”.

A large number of students were present at the program.

The special thing at the talkshow is that the students are random guests who come on stage to share their wishes and cherish their own startup projects. There are also students who have started a business, have failed and decided to choose HSU to start over, there are also other students who nurtured a startup with a flower shop and there are also those who want to start a business but don’t know where to start.

Miss Thien An shared about how to overcome pressure after being crowned.

All were answered by the guests. MSc. Pham Kim Dung – General Director of Golden Lotus Company shared about the challenges and opportunities when starting a business, the mindset and attitude needed when starting a business.

Meanwhile, Miss Doan Thien An, despite being very young, was assigned the responsibility of Brand Development Director of Sen Vang shared when Gen Z started. Thien An shared that before the coronation, she also started a business from the age of 19, 20. “At that time An was not famous, I only sold consumer goods such as laundry detergent, rotten flowers, vinegar… and the main way to sell is through community online groups and marketplaces.

CEO Pham Kim Dung shared about starting a business with Gen Z.

Representing a dynamic and enthusiastic young generation, the Miss born in 2000 also shared about how to build a personal brand to serve her work, how to overcome public pressure and lack of support when making a risky decision.

Miss Thien An checked in with HSU students

Personal branding takes a long time to build, and if you’re on the right track, personal branding will serve your business a lot. When you have a reputation, your image is spread, many people will buy your products, from which you continue to build your brand and soon become a successful person in your field of business.

Students share about their cherished start-up projects.

Meanwhile, businessman Pham Kim Dung asserts that it is not necessary to have a business or start a business: “Everyone thinks that if you want to start a business, you have to have money, but Dung himself is a person who started a business from a negative number, not just zero. You can start a business from agents, you can also work as hired laborers to earn capital, you can also find a companion to start your business with. Whether you are employed or starting a business, you must try your best, show your best to prove your ability, do not refuse the job and do not complain about too much work because the more you do, the better you will become. “.

In addition, the students also exchanged and asked questions to the two speakers on issues such as: How to keep talented people in the business, which products should start a business from…

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