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HSU signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Techhaus Vietnam

In order to promote training, fostering and developing high-quality human resources, especially in the field of Sports Economics, on May 21, Hoa Sen University (HSU) has signed a cooperation agreement with Techhaus Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

Hoa Sen University is a young, dynamic university with an international university orientation specializing in business administration, art design, and tourism. In particular, sport is an area that is being promoted in both training and student experience.

Dr. Truong Thi Hong Minh and Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tuan – Co-Founder and General Director of Techhaus Vietnam represent 2 units to sign the cooperation agreement.

Meanwhile, Techhaus Vietnam is a technology solution provider, specializing in consulting, implementing and providing technical support for information technology services for businesses and providing comprehensive technology solutions for sports and health. Techhaus is gradually creating a sports and health ecosystem for users with an O2O model – from online to reality and vice versa (online to offline and offline to online) with two platforms, Raceez.com and Limo App running with many utilities such as: Registration portal for participating in sports events, RaceEz Shop Online Sports Shop. The cooperation between HSU and Techhaus Vietnam at this time is considered an important step forward for the university.

At the signing ceremony, Dr. Truong Thi Hong Minh affirmed: “We want to train professional human resources who understand the organizational structure, operation and management processes in sports organizations, sports media and marketing companies, sports businesses, activities related to large and small clubs. Hoa Sen University will train sports economics experts, orienting development strategies in the field of sports business. They are the ones who do the math on ticket sales, number of campaigns, marketing and sponsorship…”

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tuan spoke at the cooperation signing ceremony.

According to the agreement, the two units agreed on a number of key cooperation contents such as: Techhaus Vietnam supports the admission of Hoa Sen students for internships and placement of jobs in the right fields of study and training. The two sides cooperate in training and supporting experts, together in consulting and giving suggestions on training programs; cooperation in order to connect and attract leading experts to exchange experiences and scientific research. Create conditions for experts from both sides to participate in training, teaching or refresher training activities for staff at HSU. In addition, HSU and Techhaus Vietnam will jointly organize practical experience programs for students, career orientation programs, future orientation programs, job fairs, internships, and internship programs for students. pellets.

The guests talked about “Starting a career in sport in the 4.0 era”

Sharing about the potential for cooperation development between the two sides, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tuan said: “The cooperation between Hoa Sen University and Techhaus Vietnam marks a new development of both units in the coming time to realize common goals. In particular, the goal of human development is one of the core values that Techhaus Vietnam is building. With the values that this partnership brings, I hope that it is the students who will receive the most comprehensive development opportunities not only in education but also when you become the core of the industry”.

The guests, lecturers and students were excited at the event

With the orientation of an international standard university, Hoa Sen University always strives to provide a dynamic, creative international learning environment and is always associated with the realities of life in the 4.0 era. The cooperation agreement between Techhaus Vietnam and HSU aims to serve the common interests of the two sides’ development and teaching strategies, especially bringing many vivid experiences to students both in studying, practicing sports and recreational activities.

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