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HSU launches Hoa Sen Graduate Alumni, aiming to develop elite graduate community

On the morning of May 14, 2022, at the You Rock Studio Hall, Hoa Sen University (HSU) solemnly held the Opening Ceremony to welcome new students of Master programs to enroll in the first batch of 2022. At the same time, the Graduate School of Education also launched Hoa Sen Graduate Alumni (HSGA) to connect and develop the Graduate community.

The ceremony took place in a cozy atmosphere, with the participation of Mr. Le Truong Hien Hoa – Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism; Mr. Le Truong Duy – Apprenticeship Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Service Center and International Conference (FSC) and Ms. Bui Hoang Yen – Deputy Chief Representative of Ho Chi Minh City Office, Trade Promotion Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade. On the side of HSU, there was the participation of Assoc. Dr. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy – Principal of the school, Dr. Doan Minh Chau – Director of the Institute for Graduate Education and the faculty leaders of the unit, the Teaching Board and more than 50 students and alumni of the Master’s programs.

From left to right: Prof. Dr. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy – Rector of Hoa Sen University; Mr. Le Truong Duy – Apprentice Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Foreign Affairs, Director of FSC; Mr. Le Truong Hien Hoa – Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism; Dr. Huynh Van Tai – Director of the Master’s Program in English Language, Hoa Sen University
From left to right: Ms. Bui Hoang Yen – Deputy Head of Representative Office of Ho Chi Minh City, Trade Promotion Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade; Dr. Nguyen Huu Hao – Dean of Faculty of Economics and Management, HSU; Dr. Truong Minh Huy Vu – Director of Software Technology Park – Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City; Dr. Doan Minh Chau – Director of the Institute of Graduate Education, HSU

At the opening ceremony to welcome new students, Assoc. Dr. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy – Rector of Hoa Sen University said: “The graduate programs of Hoa Sen University are developed on the basis of the quality of international training programs in the spirit of liberalization and entrepreneurship. At the same time, the school is also committed to the values students will receive during their studies at the school, which are: transparency in training, dedication from faculty and students as well as flexibility in the training program and the prestige of the Master’s degree received by students. The Board of Directors and the University will create all conditions for the graduate student community to connect and learn from each other. Hopefully, this organization will not only be a meeting place but also will become the best experience environment for students and alumni, a place to share experiences and effective professional cooperation.”

Assoc. Dr. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy presents the Invitation Letter and souvenirs to the new MBA students
Dr. Huynh Van Tai – Director of the Master of English Language Program presents the Invitation Letter and souvenirs to the new students of the MAE and MAT programs

HSGA President, Master Mai Thanh Hoai – Business Development Manager, Ngoc Tire Automotive Co., Ltd., MBA Alumni of Course 5 shared: “Alumni and students of Master’s programs have long expected to have a playground for the community of graduate students. To be more successful in their careers, graduate students, especially with a major in Business Administration, need a network of connections, sharing and cooperation. On behalf of the HSGA Executive Committee, I would like to thank Assoc. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy, Rector of the school, teachers in the School Leadership Board and the Graduate Training Institute. From this community, we hope to organize many useful activities for graduate students to have more interesting experiences and open up many opportunities for career development.”

Members of the HSGA Board of Directors debuted at the ceremony on May 14, 2022

Students in Master’s programs are not only trained in professional knowledge but also practice skills to apply theory into practice. There have been many research projects of the students published in prestigious domestic and international scientific journals as well as applied and developed in the students’ own enterprises. At the HSGA launch event, the alumni shared their learning process, experience in carrying out scientific research projects as well as career development orientation with the Master program at HSU. Master Chau Kim Phuong – Human Resources Director of Aura Intelligent Living, MBA Course 3 valedictorian shared: “I have been fortunate to have been in the MBA program since day one, so this place feels like family and I can also confidently recommend HSU’s MBA program to others. The training program is not only application-oriented, but also builds theoretical foundations and scientific research methods for students. My thesis topic: “Assessment of factors affecting student happiness in private higher education environment in Ho Chi Minh City” guided by Dr. Phan Vo Minh Thang has also been published in the International Journal. Not only that, I have also applied this topic to develop the happiness index at my current business.” In addition, on this occasion, Master Kim Phuong and MBA students also had the opportunity to introduce and display business products of the enterprise, attracting the attention of many people at Hall G of Hoa Sen University.

Master Chau Kim Phuong (3rd MBA class valedictorian) – Human Resources Director Aura Intelligent Living introduced her business products at HSU.
Assoc. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy – President of HSU listens to MBA students and alumni share their products and business models.
The invited delegates, the faculty took souvenir photos with students and alumni of HSU’s Master programs.

The success of students and alumni in life and career is the success of the school in the mission of cultivating people. Along with standardizing the training program, HSU’s Graduate School of Education has been making efforts to improve the student experience through a care system, closely following learners’ learning paths, regularly organize activities and events to connect the community of students and alumni, with leading experts and with departments. Master’s programs at HSU not only equip students with in-depth knowledge and systems, but also create conditions for them to connect, exchange, experience and improve their own capabilities. The training products that the university invests in and builds are a qualified, elite workforce with good capabilities and qualities, capable of international integration, with a sense of innovation and continuous creativity.

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