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[HOT] Fashion designer of Hermes and high-end fashion brands come to HSU

On May 26, Fashion Design students from Hoa Sen University (HSU) and young fashion enthusiasts had an interesting exchange with talented Fashion designer Ngo Kim Khoi. Talkshow sharing about his 30-year career journey in Paris Fashion Capital.

Model builder Ngo Kim Khoi shares his perspective on the field of fashion modeling and design thinking for young people present at Hoa Sen University.

For those who work in the Fashion Industry in Vietnam, it is surprising to know that in the Fashion Capital of Paris, there is a Vietnamese who modeled Nicole Kidman’s wedding dress, made a costume for the singer Madonna, or was one of the people Hermes recruited as a model maker among many applicants. That is model builder Ngo Kim Khoi. He is also someone who has worked with Dior under the talented creative director John Galliano. Many young people have come to him to ask for advice on career paths, art direction, and design.

The show was more interesting when there were models showing Mr. Ngo Kim Khoi’s Gile shirts right at the event.

When standing in front of the young generations is the future of Vietnamese Fashion, in a very unique style of dress, model builder Ngo Kim Khoi still creates closeness and connection with students by his simple, sincere and close story telling. The talkshow has left the students with many memorable lessons.

High-end fashion comes from the most sophistication and minimalism
Students learn about the materials and seams of the works.

He shared, high fashion is difficult in that we have to be creative to achieve the most minimal and sophisticated. “Sometimes young people are so busy running after their creativity that they forget that costumes need to be moderate. Creativity in simplicity is the pinnacle, that comes from the mindset of the profession.

2. The soaring of art in each Fashion work will create its own mark for the designer

Mr. Khoi shared that he himself studies a lot about art, music, culture… and that’s what a designer should pursue. Those things form the material for the designer. He is not a formal student of Fashion but what he does may have been crystallized from the material of his life, making what he does more soulful, and makes Hermes choose him from among well-trained candidates in Fashion. Those are just feelings. A stylist is someone who works on technical factors, but can still breathe creativity with their work, and high-end “fashion houses” will look for those special elements.

Students who are members of the event organizers took pictures with the speakers.

3. For High Fashion, nothing is impossible, but it all needs to be meticulous.

From the perspective of a modeler with many years of experience, he believes that everything is possible, nothing is impossible. But meticulousness is the deciding factor. According to him, stylists are likened to hard-working bees, working hard to contribute to the success of designers, but they are the ones who silently stand behind that aura. The meticulousness and perseverance in his profession make him maintain his passion, discover new ways of doing things, and make him always put himself in the mindset of “All can be done”.

In particular, at the event, Model Designer Ngo Kim Khoi brought his works to show Fashion and let students experience: Giles from Hermes; scarves, scarves sewn from different pieces of fabric with a very harmonious and delicate arrangement of colors and textures. The students enjoyed touching each seam, analyzing each pattern and listening to the speaker talk about what was different and interesting about each product.

A large number of fashion-loving students attended the event.

Not only an event to help students learn more fashion knowledge, accumulate lifelong career philosophies from the previous generation, talk shows about fashion are also a playground for students to practice fashion event skills, from preparation, costume preparation, modeling, make-up, program production, MC, logistics…

With the orientation of Applied Fashion, Fashion Design major, Hoa Sen University always wishes to become a bridge bringing students closer to the market, to the Fashion Industry from their first steps in the university environment, through contact and experience with businesses, learning the stories of their predecessors. Career stories of creatives who pursue the core value of Fashion-Art will be the value that teachers want to connect with students. That will be the luggage for students to become real learners, real doers, holding the future of Vietnam Fashion Industry.

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