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In the academic year 2022 – 2023, Hoa Sen University (HSU) offers 22 scholarships to new students. As one of the few new students to receive a full talent scholarship, Nguyen Ngoc Viet Thi – Marketing major had emotional shares at the Opening Ceremony.

Dear lady & gent, Dear our lecturers, and especially all of HSU students.
I’m Nguyen Ngoc Viet Thi, freshmen from Economics and Management Department.

Are you exciting???????? Are you exciting???? I can’t hear. Ok one more time, Are you exciting???? Yes, thank you. You know, even though I’m on the stages for many years, this time is the most exciting one and I’m really nervous now for 18 years. It’s my honor to be here on the behalf of all the newcomer students K22 of HSU to have a speech at this beautiful Opening ceremony of the New school year. 

Nguyen Ngoc Viet Thi – New student of Marketing major was speaking at the ceremony.

Dear our lecturers and professors, Dear all my new schoolmates.

So, the new school year has just begun. Just a few days ago when we are still high schools’ students, and we are so worried about the Entrance Exam. Some of us even must stay up late to try hard to get the scores that we want and to get into Hoa Sen University, the school that our hearts desire to be part of it. 

Now, we are proud to be in this hall and officially became Hoa Sen University Student. Our dream has become true. 

After 2 weeks at HSU, we may feel a little bit unfamiliar with university environment, but from what I’ve learnt and experienced, I believed this the best decision that I’ve ever made in my life. Hoa Sen University was my dream and now that dream is not just a dream, but it becomes true. HSU will be with me to pave the way for many other goals.

Both Viet Thi and her sister – Que Tran are also students of Hoa Sen University.

Along with our beloved lecturers, the modern facilities, the spirit of freedom, self-employed, and the respect the differences from HSU, newcomer students have more drive to believe to study and practice. There are so many alumnus, who get a lot of success with dignity and skillfulness, and they contribute a lot for society, for country. Becoming a part of these and leaving our trademark are always our ultimate goals for me and many other students.

K22 students, we promise that we will not stop to learn and achieve our target so that HSU students are always remembered as the best aspect of HSU. Along with many alumni, we will try our best to maintain the HSUers traditional: Dynamic, Creative, Self-control and Integration.

Viet Thi was performing at the opening ceremony. She is a member of P336 Band

Dear my colleagues, I have been told that “school is the place that you can make mistake with the least percentage of risk”. I believe that 4 years of university education are not just deadline, classroom time, academic knowledge. 4 years at HSU are also an opportunity that we can make wrong and right decision, that we can grow up, can be shinning, and can be ourselves. That is also the slogan of this ceremony ““BE YOURSELF- BUT BE YOUR BEST SELF”!

Finally, I would like to express my sincere to all the parents, families, teachers because their unconditional support for us to be here today and to become a HSUers. I wish all the best to our guests and participant. I hope we, HSUers will always have the strong belief, determination to continue our great journey.

Thank you!

Nguyen Ngoc Viet Thi
Student of Marketing major

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