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Exploding a series of activities at the 2023 Spring Festival

Joining the bustling atmosphere before the Lunar New Year, Hoa Sen University (HSU) organized a series of interesting activities for students with the program ” Hello Spring 2023 : With HSU – Bringing Tet home”. In particular, HSU organized to give more than 10,000 Tet gifts to students and parents on the occasion of the new year.

Exciting series of activities for HSU students at the Spring Festival 2023

A series of interesting activities for students

With the desire to bring interesting experiences to students at the end of the year and prepare to welcome the new year, on December 30, 2022, Hoa Sen University organized the Spring Festival 2023 with the theme “Together with HSU” – Bring Tet home”. The event was attended by more than 1,000 students, alumni, high school students, lecturers inside and outside the University with the companionship of many business partners.

A large number of students attended the Spring Festival 2023.

The program took place with many exciting activities such as: Folk games, calligraphy booths, Tet cuisine, Five-fruit tray contest and couplets – Tet is full; Booth decoration contest – Tet reunion. On the occasion of the new year, HSU also held an intimate meeting between the University’s Board of Directors and students to listen to their ideas and aspirations in the new year.

Many activities, folk games are organized for HSU students and faculty.

In addition, the Opening Ceremony of the Spring Volunteer Program 2023, the program honors 124 individuals and groups who have won the title of 5 good students and typical students – Sen Awards to recognize the learning efforts of the students in the past year. The Spring Festival also had the participation of artists and students such as: Actor Quang Trung, singer Chu Chu, DJ Kewl3r, Bong Sen Ethnic Folk Music Theater, etc. A traditional Tet space was created, re-enacted with spring-style performances, promising to attract the attention of students.

Many activities, folk games are organized for HSU students and faculty.
The launching ceremony of the Spring Volunteer campaign 2023 was held.

In parallel with the Spring Festival 2023, HSU organizes companion activities such as the Carriage of Love with students returning home to celebrate Tet, the Video Creation Contest “Together with HSU – Bringing Tet home”. This is not only a year-end entertainment playground, but also an opportunity for students to better understand traditional cultural values ​​through traditional Tet activities, and at the same time show their talents and creativity through a series of attractive contest.

Honoring ceremony for 124 individuals and collectives who won the title of good year students and Sen Awards

Reminder of the value of “family”

Tet is a reunion, an opportunity to sit down together and look back on the joys and sorrows after a year has passed. Tet with young people is also an opportunity to share and send love to parents, teachers and friends. However, the fear of expressing feelings through words is a common habit of many Vietnamese, especially young people, making this limited in family relationships. Sayings are easy for a three-year-old child like “I love you parents”, “I wish you good health” but it is “difficult” for young people. Many of you confess that it has been a long time since you said you love your parents because of the hesitation, shyness and sometimes “yes, it’s cheesy”, “not familiar”.

HSU Tet gifts are meaningful gifts for students to give their families.

Understanding that, Hoa Sen University organized the activity of giving Tet gifts to students “Together with HSU – Bringing Tet home” as a wish and gratitude to all students and parents on the eve of the new year 2023. The school has prepared more than 10,000 Tet gifts, all of these gifts will be delivered directly to students at the school or delivered to parents’ homes from mid-December 2022 to January 2023. This is the first year Hoa Sen University organizes gift giving activities to students on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

HSU porcelain cups with meaningful words instead of words to parents

HSU Tet gifts for students include: Ceramic cups (3 cups), premium lotus tea and red envelopes. In particular, HSU porcelain cups are engraved with the words containing messages about the family such as: “I love you father”, “I love you mother”, “I love you”. This is a way for the School to remind students about showing love to their loved ones. Tet gifts are an integral part of the Vietnamese Tet tradition, however, beyond material things, the most meaningful gift for loved ones during Tet is the words of love.

More than 10,000 Tet gifts are being given to students.

The activity of giving Tet gifts to students is also a spiritual link connecting the family and Hoa Sen University. From there, it helps parents understand more about the school that their children are attending, where the values ​​of sharing and love are always appreciated, where not only knowledge but also education about humanity is given, for students to become “the best version of themselve

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