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Burst of emotion at the final round of HSU Students’ Future HR Manager 2023 competition

As the first playground specializing in human resource management organized by Hoa Sen University, The Future Human Resource Manager 2023 competition of Hoa Sen University (HSU) has attracted a large number of students to participate. The final round of the competition will take place on July 16, 2023.

The Mindful team presented their project.

The contest “Future Human Resource Managers 2023” is implemented with the desire to bring a group of students interested and wishing to work in this field will have a comprehensive view of human resource management. The contest is a project organized by students of the Faculty of Management Economics, Hoa Sen University (HSU). Not only students studying human resources, contestants come from many different disciplines such as Psychology, Business Administration, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, International Business …

Judges at the Final Round of the “Future HR Manager 2023” competition.
The contestant argues before the jury.

The contest is an opportunity for students to apply their professional knowledge to come up with creative ideas, and at the same time research effective solutions to dilemmas in the field of Human Resource Management that are receiving a lot of attention from domestic and foreign organizations. Since then, implementing the mission of connecting high-quality human resources with domestic and foreign enterprises through evaluating and selecting creative ideas and effective solutions from contestants. More than just a competition, “Future HR Manager 2023” is a journey to accompany students in the process of self-discovery.

Capybara’s team countered with the judges.

The competition consists of 3 rounds with each different challenge. Candidates must start from conceptualizing, project planning, implementing and finalizing the project to present to the jury.

– First round – “BEE THE HUNTER”, contestants must “explore” and “hunt” for creative ideas or come up with effective solutions;
– Second round – “BEE THE CONQUEROR”, contestants must prove the application potential of the project, “conquer” the Jury who is a Master / Teacher of Human Resource Management to enter the final round;
– Final Round – “BEE THE QUEENER”, contestants present and defend their projects, prove their feasibility and potential for practical application to the judging committee who have many years of professional experience in the field of Human Resource Management from domestic and foreign enterprises.

The moment to find the winner of the first season of the Future HR Manager.
The Mindful team became the winner of the contest.

With the project “Rekindling leadership values with the Art of Mindfulness”, the Mindful group won the first place. The project aims to improve the spiritual quality of Vietnamese leaders in the context of VUCA. “Rekindling Leadership Values with the Art of Mindfulness” is a combination of the Mindful Leadership Development framework, the IAA model and a special focus on psychological and cultural factors of Vietnamese leaders. From now until the end of 2023, the Mindful team will focus on strengthening and perfecting the program framework, along with finding businesses to put the program into trial teaching and conducting post-course surveys to evaluate its effectiveness. Hopefully, the program Rekindling Leadership Values with the Art of Mindfulness will be interested and supported by a large number of leaders so that this is not only a project, but more about creating enlightenment in the young leadership community in Vietnam.

Organizers and contestants of the Future HR Manager 2023 contest.

In addition, the organizers also awarded prizes to other projects including: Quarter 1: Dreamers Group; Quarter 2: The Trendiers; 2 Consolation Prizes 1: Sparrow Group and Capybara Group.

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