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At the end of the subject project, HSU students have a “wedding ceremony” right at the school

Not only the space is professionally and solemnly designed with flowers, candles, and reeds, the performances at the talkshow “Wedding Planner – The Untold Story” are arranged by students of Hoa Sen University (HSU) like a real wedding ceremony for the subject project.

Wedding Planner – The Untold Story” is a talk show about the profession of wedding planning organized by students of HSU Event Management on the evening of August 30 under the guidance of MSc. Nguyen Thi Trung Trinh – Lecturer at Faculty of Tourism. The program is the final exam of the subject “Introduction to Event Management”, to help young people understand more about the profession of Event Organizer, especially those who have passion and desire to pursue a career in wedding planning. From there, suggesting a new direction to young people who are still wondering about their future career choice.

Professional to each prop and details…

Talkshow with the participation of Mr. Cris Nguyen – who has 10 years of experience in the profession of Decor and Wedding – Event with the participation of 120 students. The program has brought interesting stories about the work of organizing a wedding, providing knowledge and experience to become a Wedding Planner, the necessary baggage of the profession, the process of organizing a wedding party, the incidents that need to be handled… From there, help young people have an overview of this work.

“Bride and groom” appear shimmering like a real wedding.

Especially, unlike the dry specialized talk shows that only have knowledge, “Wedding Planner – The Untold Story” was designed by the students as a real wedding right at Hall 204 of HSU. With a space filled with flowers, reeds, check-in counters, invitations, gifts for wedding guests, sound and light effects, you guys helped make the talk show livelier. The highlight of the program was the moment when the students transformed into the bride and groom and danced like a real couple. The familiar moment of tossing wedding flowers in weddings was also recreated at the talkshow.

Guest Cris Nguyen shared with students about the profession of Wedding Planner
The romantic scene of the “wedding” was conceived by the students.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Ha – 3rd year student at HSU, Head of Organizing Committee of the program said: “We chose the idea of a wedding planner because we wanted to be the first to talk about this profession at Hoa Sen University and also because HSU is also the first school in Vietnam to train Event Management. The time for the team to prepare for the project was extremely urgent in only 6 weeks. We have worked hard to plan the organization and call for sponsors for the event. The sponsors are also people who work in related industries to organize parties and weddings. Through the course, we also hope that the wedding planning industry in Vietnam can develop on a par with the world and also want Vietnam to be the place for the International Wedding Destination because our country is really beautiful.

The program is organized by 28 HSU students.

Organizing events to do projects is no stranger to HSU students. But to set up a scene like a wedding at school is considered a serious and thoughtful investment from the students of Event Management. Through quality “practice” lessons, students not only learn more skills, from planning, running programs, communicating events, calling for sponsorships, but also helps them to realistically imagine their future work. From there, helping other young people have more career choices.

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