Activities to Develop Cooperation Capacity for Children 5-6 years old

Description: The study was conducted to apply the theoretical basis of Art therapy to build a supplementary program to develop positive family relationships for 5-6-year-old children and their parents. Ho Chi Minh City. The new scientific findings and contributions of the topic include the theoretical basis of Art Therapy, about positive family relationships, the difference between the supplementary program and the educational program, and about the supporting program to develop positive family relationships for 5–6-year-olds and their parents. The study was carried out in Vietnam and the United States in 13 stages, from a survey on the current situation of family relationship education at preschools, research on the theoretical basis, development of supplementary programs to surveying. expert opinion and training and testing the program. In essence, Art Therapy has great application value in the psychological development of pre-school children, due to the nature of non-verbal communication, the metaphorical characteristics of the visual products, and the orientation to the relationship. social system. This is the first time in Vietnam that Art Therapy has been applied in the context of education and development for preschool children.