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Seminar “Buddhism in modern life”
The Department of Tourism, Faculty of Languages ​​and Culture held a talk on “Buddhism – Buddhism in modern life” presented by speaker Dr. Duong Ngoc Dung. Content: The process of Buddhism quickly adapting to the lifestyle of the Vietnamese people and in the process of formation and development, Buddhism has not encountered any obstacle in integrating into all strata of Vietnamese society. . Besides, the morality of Vietnamese Buddhism has also been deeply rooted in the way of life and thinking of the Vietnamese people and has become invaluable spiritual values ​​for the people in this country. During the history...
Activities to Develop Cooperation Capacity for Children 5-6 years old
Description: The study was conducted to apply the theoretical basis of Art therapy to build a supplementary program to develop positive family relationships for 5-6-year-old children and their parents. Ho Chi Minh City. The new scientific findings and contributions of the topic include the theoretical basis of Art Therapy, about positive family relationships, the difference between the supplementary program and the educational program, and about the supporting program to develop positive family relationships for 5–6-year-olds and their parents. The study was carried out in Vietnam and the United States in 13 stages, from a survey on the current situation of...
Positive Friendship Development Program
Description: Positive peer relationships, especially in preschool children, are an important socio-psychological trait that helps to form collaboration and leadership skills in adulthood, but also important. relatively few in Vietnam. The objective of this study was to use Art therapy to develop understanding and supportive relationships among 5–6-year-olds when interacting with peers, thereby develop group awareness, increase positive attitudes and behaviors, and improve self-esteem. The forms of Art Therapy used to build and develop positive friendships are painting, coloring, sculpting, tearing, and synthesizing, organized in groups with guidance and support. teacher help. The program is designed to match the Early...


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