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Faculty of Languages – International Cultures was originally the Faculty of Foreign Languages in 2006. After the reconstruction of faculties, Faculty of Languages – International Cultures was established in 2021 under the direct management of HSU, including:

English Language Studies Program

The B.A. program in English Language Studies aims to meet the human resource demand with graduates with knowledge of English linguistics, foreign language ability ,and professional skills in career-related fields. It simultaneously fosters professional ethics and community spirit, and trains necessary social skills adapted to the development of career, society, and the economy in international integration.

The Bachelor of ELS Program was first introduced in 2006, including three concentrations/specializations:

Chinese Language Studies Program

The B.A. program in Chinese Language Studies provides students with in-depth knowledge of the Chinese language and cultures through various specialized courses such as Advanced Translation, Literature, Interpretation Skills, Translation Skills, etc. The program also provides opportunities for learning and practical experiences through projects, competitions, and Chinese Language Clubs, helping students develop language skills, communication, and a deep understanding of domestic and international business and social environments where Chinese is used as a foreign or an international language. Vietnamese graduates proficient in Chinese can become experts, managers, and leaders in the near future, meeting the workforce needs of Vietnamese society and economy during the international integration process.

Japanese Language Studies Program

The B.A. program in Japanese Language Studies Program helps students develop near-fluent Japanese language skills and an understanding of Japanese culture. The program will offer modules on Japanese history, society, and contemporary culture, including cinema, popular culture, manga, and anime. Those Vietnamese graduates proficient in Japanese can become experts, managers, and leaders in the near future, contributing to promoting Vietnam-Japan comprehensive cooperation.

Foreign Language Program

Foreign Languages Program at HSU provides students with opportunities to learn different foreign languages, including:

General English Program

The General English Program provides Hoa Sen University’s students who are not prominent in English with English language skills and knowledge so that they can use it to improve their academic knowledge, cultivate specialized skills, and develop their careers. The program is designed to help students study English from the beginning to the advanced levels.

Strategic Goals

Philosophy of Education: Holistic, Liberal and Multicultural Education

Although the Faculty of Languages – International Cultures is a new training unit at Hoa Sen University, it has great potential on account of a number of external factors and internal capabilities. Teachers at the faculty who are young, dynamic and experienced have received high-quality training in Vietnam and abroad so that they can provide students with the best quality training programs.

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