Hoa Sen University



To ensure safety, efficiency and legitimate interests for readers when using the Library’s services. When using the library, new students should save the following materials:

General rules & Regulations:

Users are required to bring student ID card or any identity paper with photo.

For the Quang Trung campus library, readers must leave their student ID card or photo identification to get the key at the counter, then deposit the backpack/bag (if any) in the locker in the hallway.

Students manage and are solely responsible for valuable applications (mobile phones, laptops, money…).

The drop-in are is only use to access the Library and only when the Library is open.

Library culture:

Silence within the Library must be observed at all times, in case of questioning please contact the Library staff for assistance.

Borrowing lecture rooms, room for groups study.

Students must reserve a room in advance through the Library’s website or contact directly at the Service desk for assistance. After using, please notify check-out at the Service desk.

Register for a library borrowing card:

Freshman are required to attend the LIBRARY GUIDE CLASS in order to borrow books to take home. After participating in this class, the Library will receive the registration form and open card for you. In addition, the library will open sessions at a time that works for the group if you can gather a group of 10-15 students.

Students must attentively read, understand, and strictly abide by the University’s rules as well as the library’s rules when using the library. Students should contact with library staff directly at the Service desk if they have any questions or issues using the library or send an email to askme@hoasen.edu.vn for assistance.

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