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The overall service needs of the gaming floor.

Supports with jackpot pay-outs, exchanging currency, places reserves on slot machines, overseeing and operating table games, and all other guest’s needs.

A. Welcoming & Serving Guest (40%)

  1. Promotes positive customer relations by serving prompt, courteous, and efficient service to all patrons andguests.
  2. Greet; welcome and entice guests upon arrival at the ETG, Slot Machine or assigned section
  3. Provide; explain the operation of an ETG or Slot Machine, on how to use the player game interface and play the game, by observing players for appropriate activity on the assigned table or section.
  4. Provide information about the rules of the game while being assigned to an ETG or gaming section.
  5. Provide F&B service to guests efficiently and courteously.
  6. Ensure the gaming floor clean; tidy; spotless and amicably presented
  7. Ensure amenities are provided adequately and efficiently
  8. Protect company assets and game security using proper policy and procedure.
  9. Perform cash handling transactions such as paying jackpots, tickets, and making currency exchange.
  10. Keeps & interact with Manager & Supervisor informed or share concerns of relevant information relating to all aspects of the game environment, as well as any misconduct or suspicious behavior during the course of gameplay e.g., suspicious guest, guest request, or equipment malfunctions.
  11. Reports emergencies such as intoxicated, annoying, or cheating guests to Supervisor immediately.

B. Game Conducting (40%)

  1. Operating and overseeing ETG, by creating a lively gaming experience for players through:
    1. Maintain and protect the integrity of the gaming machines, assets, and their associated equipment.
    1. Conduct ETG announcement on the table games;
    1. Check players’ bets, ensure that every bet is within the maximum and minimum table limits.
    1. Monitor the action of the games and the players by using the dealer touch screen display located on thetable.
    1. Maintain the integrity of the game of all players.
    1. Utilize an electronic touch screen to collect losing or pay winning bets, that automatically identifies each result of the game;
  2. Follows alcohol awareness procedures for preventing the intoxication of guests.
  3. Customer Service & Marketing Promotion (15%) Inform to guest of continually changing promotional events and services
  4. Knowledgeable and promoting Club Rewards Program, promotions, and IGT Player interface,
  5. Offers guests assistance and explanation the features of the Slot Machine or ETG when necessary, including the IGT Player interface.
  6. Recommend Palazzo Club Rewards Program to players not using a membership card.
  7. Respond questions, provide information about Palazzo Club programs or events in order to assist, advertise marketing campaigns, and encourage players attendance and participation.
  8. Record customer complaints and resolve problems to restore and promote good public relations for ultimate customer satisfaction.
  9. Enhance slot entertainment experience by creating a fun, high-energy environment through the celebration of slot wins and building players’ perception of luck.
  10. Builds relationships and loyalty; learns guests’ names and preferences, connects with them individually andprofessionally.
  11. Acts with urgency at all times to minimize wait times; maintains a quick and purposeful pace.
  12. Handle customer disputes quickly and effectively. If unable to resolve the dispute quickly, call the Supervisor.
  13. Assist with marketing promotions as needed.

C. Other tasks – Assigned by Manager (05%)

Job Knowledge

  1. Knowledge of various gaming machines and their functions to assess different situations that will arise adequately; proactively explains games to patrons
  2. Knowledge of Slot Machines and ETG events, or instructions messages.
  3. Knowledge of serving drinks and F&B to players.
  4. Perform job requirements within the scope of responsibility concisely, thoroughly, and in a timely fashion.
  5. Strictly adhere to company policies and procedures, in addition to relevant labor legislative requirements.


  • Salary, Allowance and incentives
  • Heal & Accident insurance 24/7; Social, Health and Unemployment Insurance according to the Vietnamese Labor Law.
  • Holiday, Birthday, Married…
  • Outing trip, staff party
  • Annual heath check
  • Trade union
  • Other benefits (Parking, Meal, Uniform…)

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