Which university to study Human Resource Management in Ho Chi Minh City?

Human Resource Management is a vital function that helps people effectively select employees, appraise employees’ performance,   and harness the potential of human resources in companies and organizations. Human Resource Management is also one of the top majors with the highest number of registered candidates in the entrance exams. But which university is best for Human Resource Management in Ho Chi Minh City? What skills do you need to succeed in Human Resource Management? This article summarizes everything you need to know about Human Resource Management!

Which university to study Human Resource Management in Ho Chi Minh City?

Which school is best for Human Resource Management in Ho Chi Minh City?

1. What is Human Resource Management?

Before getting to know about Human Resource Management, let’s first learn what human resource is. Human Resources is the set of people who make up the workforce of an organization or a company, and it is also considered the most valuable asset in any business or organization. The competitiveness and development of an organization are closely related to the quality of the human resource in that organization. Therefore, any organization or company with good human resources needs a talented human resources department responsible for managing all matters related to human resources.

Human Resource Management can be simply defined as the effective and efficient management of human resources in a company or organization to meet the organization’s goals and objectives.

A Human Resource specialist or Human Resource manager is a person who works directly with the organization’s human resources and maximizes its competence. Therefore, they need to have a strategic vision and a deep understanding of every individual and activity in the organization. In general, the Human Resource Management industry requires both comprehensive business strategic knowledge and the ability to capture details to understand each individual and daily organizational performance.

The Human Resource Management program will supply students with foundational and in-depth knowledge and skills in Human Resource Management. The nature of the Human Resource Management job is the high frequency of meeting and working with people with different personalities. Therefore, human resource managers must have an understanding of human psychology to know how to observe and read people. In addition, The Human Resource Management program will provide students with a variety of knowledge about Social Science, Management Studies, Marketing Management, Financial Management…

2. What are the essential skills of Human Resource Management?

Every field and every profession has its own set of particular and narrowly defined essential skills. Especially in the Human Resource Management industry, it would be best if students constantly hone their real-life experience, experience, orientation, vision, and, most importantly, teamwork skills.

Nhà quản trị nhân lực phải tiếp xúc và làm việc cùng nhiều người với tính cách khác nhau

Human resource managers have to work with many people with diverse personalities.

Some essential skills that Human Resource Management professionals should have:

● Having orientation, vision, and strategic thinking of a manager: This is an essential skill that human resource managers must have to be able to exploit and utilize resources to create positive values for companies and organizations.

● Perceptive, understanding, sharing: Human resource managers must interact with many people with different personalities. Therefore, Human resource managers must know how to observe, listen, understand, and put themselves in each person’s position to improve employees’ lives.

● Hardworking: A conscientious human resource manager needs to work with heart and mind and not be fearful of hardship to develop the most effective solutions for the company or organization.

● Reading people: Human resource managers need to discover other people’s characteristics in deeds and words to understand their personalities better and more comprehensively evaluate candidates, colleagues, and leaders in the company. This trait will significantly help them better understand the people they work with, thereby knowing how to behave and manage better at work.

Nhà quản trị nhân sự phải hiểu rõ năng lực, tính cách của từng nhân viên để khai thác và sử dụng hợp lý và hiệu quả

Human resource managers should objectively assess each employee’s capacity and ability, thereby exploiting, optimizing, and using it effectively.

In addition, human resource managers also need to practice communication skills, persuasion skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work under high pressure…

3. What prestigious university for Human Resource Management in Ho Chi Minh City?

Every company, organization, or business of any size needs a Human Resource Management department to use human resources effectively. Therefore, many schools and institutions have offered this field of study with increasing investment in quality. In Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City gathers the most prestigious and quality Human Resource Management universities.

Some well-evaluated and high-quality Human Resource Management universities include the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Hoa Sen University, Saigon University, Open University, Nguyen Tat Thanh University…

Hoa Sen University is currently the leading non-public university with top teaching quality in multi-disciplinary and multi-sector training courses in Vietnam. Therefore, it is one of the ideal choices for those who want to study Human Resource Management programs in a modern environment with international quality training. The curricula and learning materials of Hoa Sen University meet the US Council ACBSP accreditation standards. They are frequently reviewed, revised, and updated according to the standards from prestigious universities worldwide to meet the labor market’s needs.

The Human Resource Management program at Hoa Sen University will equip students with foundational and in-depth knowledge and skills in Human Resource Management. After graduation, they will be qualified to practice in the industry, such as: mastering the interview process by getting the Code of Ethical Conduct, developing labor relations, attracting and retaining the best employees, deploying training programs, and building company culture…

Along with acquiring theoretical knowledge, Hoa Sen students will have many opportunities to participate in seminars and thematic reports and meet and learn experiences from famous domestic and foreign experts and speakers in Human Resource Management.

With a dynamic, modern environment and a team of lecturers who are leading experts in Human Resource Management, Hoa Sen University is undoubtedly a solid bridge for your future career development.

We hope the information above has given a better understanding of the Human Resource Management industry and answered the question of which school to study the Human Resource Management program in Ho Chi Minh City. Make sure you’re well-prepared for the next step to becoming a human resource manager!