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What qualities are required for a Marketing degree?

In recent years, Marketing has become the “king of all professions”. Every year, this industry attracts a large number of admissions from students, and this number shows no signs of abating. However, the “hotter” the industry, the higher the job competition rate after graduation. Therefore, in order to have an advantage over other candidates, students must have outstanding qualities and skills. So what qualities do you need to be successful in Marketing?

Marketing is the leading industry in the current career trend, so what qualities are needed to study Marketing?

1. What qualities are needed to study Marketing?

The economic crisis has made the job market more competitive than ever. The crisis directly affects the students of Marketing, one of the majors with the most significant number of students in the country. To avoid being left behind in today’s fast-paced marketplace, every Marketing student needs to have the following qualities:

1.1. Creativity

Creativity is one of the marketing industry’s first and most essential factors. The market always needs to change over time, requiring marketers to constantly update, explore and learn new things to attract customers to pay attention and remember their products and brands.

Creativity is an essential factor for marketers.

1.2. Adaptability

With the rapid development of social networking sites, a marketer’s ability to adapt and “catch trends” is indispensable. Thanks to social networking sites, information is brought to customers quickly with a wide range.

1.3. Communication skills

The ability to communicate is one of the vital factors of marketers. Good communication skills will build better social skills and better connect with others, contribute to building individual brands, and increase your access to opportunities and growth for the future.

Communication is the key to success.

1.4. Teamwork skills

In an enterprise, a marketing department can only function well with employee coordination and support. Implementing a strategy requires the coordination of many employees in many departments together. Therefore, the ability to work in a team is an indispensable factor in a marketer.

1.5. Analysis and Synthesis skills

To become a good marketer, you also need the ability to analyze and synthesize statistics and data. You must do market research reports and analyze marketing data to understand the factors and consumer behavior and guide to create successful campaigns. Therefore, you must practice and improve your data analysis skills to pursue a marketing career.

1.6. Enthusiasm and Dynamism

Economic development increases customer needs. Therefore, marketers must have enthusiasm and dynamism to satisfy those needs.

Enthusiasm is an indispensable element of a marketer.

In addition, many other qualities can be mentioned: foreign language skills, story-telling, and sales skills,etc.

Marketing is the most competitive industry. Therefore you can easily be left behind if you stop making an effort to improve yourselves. So, is learning marketing too difficult?

2. Is it difficult to learn marketing?

Marketing, or any subject, has its own challenging and easy aspects. Therefore, it is impossible to subjectively answer the question: “Is it difficult to learn marketing?”.

In general, the knowledge about Marketing is tremendous, and absorbing all that knowledge takes work. Besides, the knowledge is constantly updated and renewed according to market demand, which overloads students. Therefore, many Marketing students feel overwhelmed and think that Marketing is complicated.

However, others think that Marketing is exciting and easy. This difference shows whether Marketing is difficult or easy depending on the ability and interest of each learner. If you are passionate, creative, and have a spirit of non-stop learning, studying Marketing well is not a problem.

3. Is it easy to get a job with a Marketing degree?

Is it easy to get a job with a Marketing degree? What is the future of Marketing?

The number of marketing graduates yearly is vast; therefore, the career opportunities for this bachelor’s degree are very competitive. However, as long as you have the capacity, plenty of businesses will undoubtedly welcome you with open arms.

Besides specialized knowledge, Marketing students need to gain other skills such as foreign languages, informatics, and design,etc  to open up more career opportunities for themselves. In addition, a good learning environment is also an advantage to competing with other candidates. So where to study Marketing? Now, let’s explore together.

4. Which school offers good Marketing training programs?

Marketing is a hot school day, so many schools in Vietnam have invested in this field of study. Some schools with advanced training in Marketing include Hoa Sen University (HSU), Foreign Trade University (FTU), University of Finance – Marketing (UFM), Hoa Sen University (HSU), University of Economics (UEH),etc

And Hoa Sen University is considered one of the famous schools for Marketing training quality.

Hoa Sen University applies innovative and modern Marketing teaching methods.

Marketing students of Hoa Sen University will be trained in a modern educational style, focusing on theory and practice through specialized subjects such as sales, marketing management, strategic management, negotiation, communication, and advertising,etc

In addition, students will be studying in a modern, comfortable, and dynamic environment, promoting creativity and respecting differences so that students can develop themselves to the maximum.

Along with that is a team of experienced lecturers, holding many high positions in the business, promising to help students access the subject quickly and easily.

With the continuous development of the economy, the Marketing industry has potential to develop even more strongly in the future. So if you are passionate about this industry, don’t hesitate to seize opportunities and never stop working hard to succeed.

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