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Privileges when becoming a new Hoa Sen K24 student

Not only can they study in an international educational environment, diversity embrace, new Hoa Sen students of the class of 2024 also have many attractive privileges in terms of international experience, tuition fees, and training programs.

1. International standard program, training duration 3.5 years

With a variety of training majors spanning many fields, streamlined and in-depth curriculum, HSU shortens the training time to 3.5 years but the training quality is still guaranteed according to international standards. Hoa Sen students save money and time by completing the training program early to seize job opportunities.

2. An environment that respects differences

Only at Hoa Sen, all barriers are broken. Hoa Sen students are given the opportunity to maximize their abilities and freely express their own personality, style and opinions in a colorful, multicultural environment. No matter who you are, what age, gender, or differences, you are respected and given the opportunity to shine and become the best version of yourself.

Representative of the new valedictorian speaking at the 41st Graduation Ceremony, Tran Phan Bao My, a student majoring in Hotel Management course 19 shared: “Right now, I confidently say that the decision to choose Hoa Sen is my right choice. Besides studying, I have opened my eyes, heart and mind to do many new and meaningful things. Over the past 4 years, I have written brilliant diary pages on my journey of growing up at Hoa Sen.”

Tran Phan Bao My, representing 1553 graduates, spoke at the ceremony

3. Experience abroad before entering school

Hoa Sen Go Global is a special experience program that HSU offers to new students with the desire to create conditions for students to have early access to advanced education, be ready to integrate in an international standard training environment and diversity embrace. This is the first time the university has implemented this special program, affirming its position as an international standard university in Vietnam. It is expected that the school will award 2,000 scholarships for Hoa Sen Go Global international integration program to new students.

4. New industry, new tuition fees

With the Chinese Language major, besides using Chinese to communicate for daily work, when studying Chinese Language at Hoa Sen University, students are also provided and equipped with in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture through many specialized subjects such as: Business Chinese, business culture, country learning Chinese, translation-interpreting skills, etc. The program also gives students the opportunity to study and experience real-world through practical projects, competitions, Chinese clubs, helping students develop language skills, communication and a deep understanding of the Chinese business and social environment. In particular, Chinese Language students in the class of 2024 will have the opportunity to receive valuable scholarships from Chinese enterprises and enjoy a special tuition fee of 45 million VND / year.

In addition to Chinese Language, the school also opened other new majors: Vietnamese-Japanese Information Technology, Law and Multimedia Communication.

On top of that, you also receive many other great privileges such as free photo card, 0đ fee when attending the graduation ceremony, learning the original English textbook, free Lavie drink at each campus, learning data and documents are always updated quickly on the HSU Student app.

With special privileges reserved for new K24 students, choosing HSU as a place to study and the start of their future career journey is a smart choice.

In 2024, Hoa Sen University’s tuition fees will not increase compared to the academic year 2023 and apply a stable tuition policy for the whole course. In particular, new students of the class of 2024 will receive the privilege of an international integration trip to Hoa Sen Go Global in Malaysia and Thailand before the start of school. From January 15, candidates can apply for admission to the school with the method of admission transcripts.

To find out and apply, candidates contact:
– Admission Center – Hoa Sen University
– Address: Room 001, Hall G, No. 8 Nguyen Van Tráng, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC.
– Hotline: 028 7300 7272
– Email: tuyensinh@hoasen.edu.vn
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