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English Language Studies program – a stepping stone toward the world

English plays a dominant role as it is present in almost all areas of life in the current globalized world. Therefore, it is why English Language Studies have become a trending training program that attracts a large number of students every year. However, many students still do not get what an English Language Studies program is, what career opportunities are after graduation, or which school is best for English Language Studies. The following article will provide everything you need to know about English Language Studies to help you better understand this interesting major.

English Language Studies program - a stepping stone toward the world

 What are the career opportunities after graduating from the English Language Studies program? A review from A to Z about the English Language Studies program.

1. What are the qualities required to attend an English Language Studies program?

English Language Studies is an academic discipline that provides intensive English knowledge and skills to help learners use the English language easily and fluently. The program also gives students an understanding of the history, culture, and people of English-speaking countries worldwide.

Besides learning specialized subjects and courses in English, English Language Studies students will also receive complementary knowledge in economics, finance, trade, services, tourism, and international relations… to expand their future career opportunities.

English is a global language; therefore, mastering English is the key to success and expanding students’ choice of career development after graduation. However, students need to put in a lot of effort to be successful.

It’s not enough to have talent; students need to work hard and make a lot of effort to pursue the English Language Studies program well.

Some qualities required for English Language Studies students to refer whether they are suitable for this major are as below:

  • Talented in foreign languages and passionate about learning English.
  • Have a deep understanding of the culture and society of countries worldwide.
  • Initiative, flexible and extroverted.
  • The ability to express yourself confidently and solve problems effectively on the job.
  • Good communication skills, fluent and persuasive delivery.

2. What are the career opportunities after English Language Studies graduation? Will you be unemployed?

In addition to intensive training in English knowledge, the English Language Studies program will equip students with the necessary and relevant skills for their jobs in the future.

After graduating from the English Language Studies program, students can apply for the following jobs:

  • English teachers at universities, colleges, high schools, middle schools, or foreign language centers.
  • Translators or interpreters working at media companies, multinational corporations, diplomatic agencies, economic and social organizations, and book and newspaper publishing centers.
  • Guides or consultants at restaurants, hotels, and travel agencies.
  • Secretary, assistant, and communication specialist at domestic and international companies.
  • Freelancer or founder of English centers.

You can work as an interpreter with a great salary with outstanding language skills.

3. Salary ranges of English Language Studies

With outstanding language skills, graduates of English Language Studies do not need to worry about being unemployed. On the contrary, finding a job you love with an attractive salary is easy.

Depending on the job requirements and each person’s capacity, the salary for English Language Studies students after graduating will differ. However, compared to the common ground with other industries, the English industry has relatively high wages, averaging about 400-700 USD (equivalent to about 9-15 million VND).

For those with work experience or who moved to a higher-level title, their salaries can increase to 1,000 USD (equivalent to about 23 million VND) or even higher.

4. Which school to study English Language Studies

English Language Studies is not a new program, but it still attracts a large number of applicants every year. Therefore, choosing a good school to attend will undoubtedly play a significant role in the success of your future development.

Hoa Sen University is proud to be one of the high-quality universities for English Language Studies in the Southern region. In particular, the university’s English Language Studies training program has been recognized for meeting the AUN-QA standard of the ASEAN University Network Network.

Hoa Sen University is proud to be the leading university in English Language Studies training in the Southern.

During their study at Hoa Sen University, students will be fully equipped with foundational professional knowledge and opportunities to improve their English and communication skills. Along with theoretical knowledge, they will be trained to master practical knowledge in an integrated and multicultural learning environment.

In addition, students will be able to learn with native lecturers from many different cultures and interact with international students. This platform can help them improve their English skills and acquire cultural and social knowledge of other countries to meet the recruitment requirements of businesses after graduation.

Hopefully, the above information has helped you answer the question of the career opportunities after English Language Studies graduation and the salary ranges of the jobs in English Language Studies. We also hope that it will help you better understand this field of study so that you can be more confident in your own decisions.

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