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Hoa Sen University opens 4 new majors in the 2024 university admission batch

In 2024, Hoa Sen University plans to enroll 4,000 students for 33 undergraduate training programs according to 4 admission methods. Notably, the school enrolls 4 new majors.

Specifically, in 2024, Hoa Sen University (HSU) will consider admission according to 4 groups of admission methods for 33 training programs in the fields of Economics – Management, Art Design, Information Technology, and Languages and Social Sciences.

Group 1 is the admission method based on the results of the 2024 high school exam. Group 2 is the admission method based on the high school transcript results. Group 3 is the direct admission method to the school. Group 4 is the admission method based on the results of the competency assessment exam for Hanoi National University and Ho Chi Minh City National University 2024.

As for the admission method for high school transcripts, candidates can choose one of the following admission methods: admission based on academic results (transcripts) of 3 years of high school excluding the 2nd semester of grade 12 or admission by subject combination. This method accounts for 60% of the total 4,000 enrollment targets. With many flexible admission methods mentioned above, candidates can choose one or more admission methods to increase their chances of being admitted to Hoa Sen University.

This year, the school plans to enroll 4 new majors: Vietnamese-Japanese Information Technology major, Chinese Language major, Law major and Multimedia Communications major.

For the Vietnamese-Japanese Information Technology industry, the program helps students develop professional skills such as programming, analysis, design, application development, and application of modern technology such as artificial intelligence, data science, big data; as well as soft skills such as foreign language (Japanese), Japanese working style… Graduates of the Vietnamese-Japanese Information Technology major can take on jobs such as software development engineer, website designer, operations officer, network and information technology system administrator,…

With the Chinese Language major at HSU, besides using Chinese to communicate for daily work, Chinese Language students are also provided and equipped with in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture through many specialized subjects such as: Business Chinese, business culture, Chinese schooling, translation-interpreting skills, etc. The program also gives students the opportunity to learn and gain practical experience through practice projects, competitions, and Chinese Clubs, helping students develop language skills, communication and a deep understanding of the Chinese business and social environment. In particular, Chinese Language students in the class of 2024 will have the opportunity to receive valuable scholarships from Chinese enterprises and enjoy a special tuition fee of 45 million VND / year.

For the Law major, the training program is built by the school on the basis of inheriting advanced training programs of Law training institutions throughout the country and abroad; in line with the current integration trend. The subjects in the training program are highly applicable, some subjects are developed and taught in English. With modern training methods, a team of excellent lecturers provides students with a law learning environment that is not dry, practical, and professionally experienced in the profession.

With the strength of the training team, the Multimedia Communication program equips students with knowledge and practical skills in the fields of film editing, visual effects design in television advertising and production of audio, video and digital media products. Students are supported with advanced and modern technical means to be able to complete the subjects in the most effective and professional way. Many subjects require students to carry out real projects, closely following reality that give them the opportunity to apply theory into practice and encounter professional challenges.

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