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[Question and Answer] What career options for Management Information Systems graduates? What is the salary range?
In our country’s current global integration trend, along with the explosion of the 4.0 revolution, the Management Information Systems (MIS) program quickly became “super hot”, attracting millions of students every year. However, what are the career options for MIS graduates? What are the job opportunities? What is the salary range? Those who are concerned about the above issues should not miss the article below to learn more about MIS. What are the career opportunities for Management Information Systems students? How high is the salary in Management Information Systems? 1. What is Management Information Systems? The Management Information Systems solves the...
Top 5 things to know about Management Information Systems (MIS)
Management Information Systems (MIS) is one of the majors with the highest number of students choosing to study today. So what makes the Management Information Systems “hot” like that? As potential as it is, will there be high competition in the future? For detailed answers to questions about this hot program, don’t miss the top 5 things to know about Management Information Systems (MIS) in the article below. What is Management Information Systems? Top 5 things you need to know about the MIS. 1. What is the Management Information System? The Management Information Systems, abbreviated MIS, is known in English...
What are the career opportunities after studying Film? What are the required qualities of a filmmaker?
Vietnam’s film industry is growing quickly, and forms of entertainment also developed strongly to entertain the target market and adapt to the new era. However, there is still a shortage of well-trained and professional Vietnamese filmmakers in the industry. Studying Film is thought to be as simple as being a screenwriter or a director. What exactly do Film students learn in their training programs? What are the career options after Film graduation? What are the required qualities of a filmmaker? Learn A-Z about the Film 1. What do Film students learn in their training programs? The film industry, being quite...
Which school to study E-Commerce? Top best E-Commerce training schools
The inevitable development trend of internet technology has made leaps and bounds in e-commerce in recent years. Currently, many universities in the country offer this field of study. Do not miss this article to learn about E-Commerce and which school to study E-Commerce at to find the top most reliable training schools in E-Commerce! 1. What is E-Commerce? The e-commerce market in Vietnam has been developed quite nicely and will accelerate strongly in the coming years. Therefore, it is unsurprising that many universities have offered E-Commerce training programs in the past few years, and E-Commerce has become one of the...
Marketing and E-Commerce: Which program is best for the future?
In recent years, with the rapid development of Industry 4.0 and career trends in economics, the question of whether to study Marketing or E-Commerce confused many students when choosing a major. Let us learn more about these two programs to make the best decision. Marketing and E-Commerce, which industry has the most potential? 1. About the Marketing In the Vietnamese language, marketing means advertising, an essential and influential activity in business. Marketing activities aim to research and approach the market, discover business opportunities, and exploit them in many ways to benefit businesses and organizations. 1.1. What are the required qualities...
Hoa Sen University – A world-class university, a launching pad for the future
In the current trend of integration and development, graduates must have adequate professional knowledge and soft skills. In particular, foreign language skills are a prerequisite for those who work in foreign companies with high salaries. That is why many people choose Hoa Sen University, a world-class university. Hoa Sen University’s outstanding advantages of a young, dynamic learning environment and an English-focused and affiliate training program with foreign countries attract the attention of many young people in annual enrollment. 1. Reasons to study in an international bilingual environment English has become indispensable in every aspect of life in the global integration...


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