Hoa Sen University – HSU

More than 300 high school students are excited to experience the international education environment at Hoa Sen University

On January 27, 2024, Hoa Sen University welcomed more than 300 students from high schools in Ho Chi Minh City to visit the international standard learning environment and learn about future careers.

Right from the beginning, the students were present at Hall G, Nguyen Van Trang Headquarters, Hoa Sen University (HSU). This is not only an opportunity for them and their friends to explore the school they plan to attend, but also provides an opportunity to meet and connect with Hoa Sen students.

Students can participate in exciting activities such as visiting exhibitions of art design projects, trying mixology at the bartender counter of the Faculty of Hospitality, create art on conical hats with the Design -Art faculty, try the sport of Archery,…

During the campus tour, students visited some areas of the school such as library, classrooms, restaurant practice room, You Rock Studio hall. They also had the opportunity to talk with teachers from the Faculties to answer questions about the study programs, admission methods, international integration policies for new students.

Experience mixing cocktails at the restaurant practice room
Visit Le Quy Don Library with a variety of magazines and books
The students tried their hand at Archery
Exchange at the consulting desks of the Faculties

Especially, students can attend the ceremony to announce the Hoa Sen Go Global International Integration Program, a privilege given to new students in 2024. The event was attended by representatives of the Malaysian consulate, VECOM E-commerce Association, and leading companies and businesses.

At the event, the first contestants received an “exclusive passport” from Hoa Sen Go Global. With this “passport”, they will be the first ones to experience Hoa Sen Go Global scholarship in Thailand and Malaysia.

The program offers a variety of activities such as: Visiting leading universities in countries, visiting scenic spots, being inspired by entrepreneurs from other countries… The first trip is expected to take place in April 2024.

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