What is Human Resource Management? The attractiveness of this field of study in the 21st century.

Human resources play a significant role in every business because any company or business needs good human resources to develop a positive business culture and improve employee engagement and productivity. Therefore, Human Resource Management has become a desirable industry for young people. In this article, let’s learn about the Human Resource Management industry, the Human Resource Management training program, and its future!

What is Human Resource Management? The attractiveness of this field of study in the 21st century.

What is Human Resource Management? All you need to know about the Human Resource Management training program.

1. What is Human Resource Management? What do students learn about in Human Resource Management?

Before getting to know about Human Resource Management (HRM), let’s first learn what human resource (HR) is. Human Resources is the set of people who make up the workforce of an organization or a company, and it is also considered the most valuable asset in any business or organization. The competitiveness and development of an organization are closely related to the quality of the human resource in that organization. Therefore, any organization or company with good human resources needs a talented human resources department responsible for managing all matters related to human resources.

Human Resource Management can be simply defined as the effective and efficient management of human resources in a company or organization to meet the organization’s goals and objectives.

A Human Resource specialist or Human Resource manager is a person who works directly with the organization’s human resources and maximizes its competence. Therefore, they need to have a strategic vision and a deep understanding of every individual and activity in the organization. In general, the Human Resource Management industry requires both comprehensive business strategic knowledge and the ability to capture details to understand each individual and daily organizational performance.

The nature of the Human Resource Management job is the high frequency of meeting and working with people; therefore, human resource managers must understand human psychology and behavior. In addition, human resource managers need to have good management skills and deep knowledge in various fields.

2. What do learners receive in a Human Resource Management training program?

The Human Resource Management program will supply students with a variety of knowledge about Management Studies, Basic Human Resource Management, Advanced Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Change Management…

With a wide range of basic and professional knowledge, after graduation, students will have enough capacity and professional skills to manage human resources efficiently and know how to apply in-depth knowledge to develop the company’s human resources.

3. What are the career opportunities in Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management is a rapidly developing industry with plenty of opportunities and relatively high salaries in Vietnam; therefore, the job opportunities for graduates in this field of study are incredibly open. With gained knowledge and skills, Human Resource Management students can confidently take on various professional jobs in companies and businesses such as:

● HR and administrative specialist, legal and HR executive

● Recruitment Specialist

● Training Management Specialist

● Personnel planning and personnel training staff

● Internal trainer, HR training manager

● Recruitment Web Content manager

● Internal communication manager

● Assistant or secretary to the director

● Head/Deputy Head of Human Resources Department

● Executive director of human resources

Cơ hội nghề nghiệp ngành quản trị nhân lực rất đa dạng với mức lương khá cao hiện nay

Career opportunities in Human Resource Management are very diverse, with relatively high salaries.

4. What skill must a Human Resource Management professional have?

It is essential to not only choose a quality training environment but to self-hone the necessary skills to develop and succeed in the Human Resource Management industry. Some qualities and skills required for a successful Human Resource Management professional are:
● Listening, understanding, and putting yourself in the position of employees to develop appropriate policies and solutions.

● Devotion and dedication to the profession, undeterred by the hardships.

● A strategic vision and extensive knowledge in all company areas.

● Constantly learning, exploring, and discovering new methods for human resource management and company development.

● Having an objective assessment of each employee’s capacity and ability, thereby exploiting and using it effectively.

5. What school is best for Human Resource Management?

Choosing a favorite major can be challenging; selecting a university to study at can be more complicated since university is the first step toward a future career. Many students and parents are concerned about finding a place to learn and chase their dreams. Knowing this concern, Hoa Sen University always creates conditions for students to access the best learning environment and training program in Human Resource Management.

Đại học Hoa Sen triển khai chương trình đào tạo ngành quản trị nhân lực phù hợp với nhu cầu thực tế của doanh nghiệp

Hoa Sen University offers a Human Resource Management training program that meets businesses’ actual needs.

The Human Resource Management training program at Hoa Sen University has been accredited by the U.S. Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programmes (ACBSP) to ensure the quality is in accordance with international standards. It is regularly updated according to prestigious universities’ training programs and is designed following the actual needs of businesses. The program will provide students with foundational knowledge and skills in Human Resource Management. For instance, the skills in analysis, planning, and creating programs to attract, recruit, train, and develop human resources, labor relations, designing and administering a salary and bonus program, and more.

In addition, students will gain practical experience during internships at partner enterprises of the school; they can also participate in seminars and thematic reports or learn from the experience of Human Resource speakers and experts.

With a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from Hoa Sen University, graduates can work in various positions such as recruitment officer, training officer, human resources assistant, administrative staff, and human resources staff, …

In addition to the mentioned highlights, Hoa Sen University has a team of experienced lecturers and a modern and dynamic learning environment that meets international standards, making it an ideal choice for those passionate about Human Resource Management. 

In the above article, we have discovered all information about the Human Resource Management program, the career opportunities in Human Resource Management, and the best school to study Human Resource Management. We hope you find the right direction and reap much success in the future.