[Question and Answer] What career options for Management Information Systems graduates? What is the salary range?

In our country’s current global integration trend, along with the explosion of the 4.0 revolution, the Management Information Systems (MIS) program quickly became “super hot”, attracting millions of students every year. However, what are the career options for MIS graduates? What are the job opportunities? What is the salary range? Those who are concerned about the above issues should not miss the article below to learn more about MIS.

What career options for Management Information Systems graduates?

What are the career opportunities for Management Information Systems students? How high is the salary in Management Information Systems?

1. What is Management Information Systems?

The Management Information Systems solves the difficulties in information management, market capturing, customer needs, … of administrators. This industry is very practical in the era when the country is gradually integrating into the world, which means that competition in technology and the digital economy is also increasing. Therefore, the presence of a management information system is a great step forward in our economy.

This industry especially combines Management – Economics, and Information Technology. Therefore, MIS students will have many career options after graduation.

Management Information Systems is an organized combination of management, economics, and information technology.

Management Information Systems is an organized combination of management, economics, and information technology.

The MIS program equips students with complete knowledge of design, management, analysis, programming… In addition, students will also be able to cultivate leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills… to best meet the requirements of employers. Graduates who are passionate and dedicated to learning will definitely receive a warm welcome from many companies and businesses.

2. What are the career options after learning Management Information Systems?

Many students wonder what the point of learning Management Information Systems is and whether the Management Information Systems industry has the potential to develop in the future.

Unlike other industries, the Management Information Systems industry is growing and has potential for further future growth. Therefore, job opportunities in Management Information Systems are incredibly open; students should not worry about unemployment after graduation.

Moreover, the Information Management Systems combines management – economics, and information technology, so a Bachelor of Management Information Systems can apply for many jobs and positions. Here’s only a sample of the kinds of MIS jobs.

● Integrating and Analysis Specialist: Synthesize information to provide for research processes.

● System Analyst: detect the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise to take reasonable remedial measures.

● Market Analyst: Analyze data and capture customer needs to improve product and service quality.

● Programmer – Designer: take full responsibility for the business’s website, manage websites, applications, and design.

● Training Specialist: guide and train new employees, and upgrade the human resource system to match market trends.

3. How is the salary range in the Management Information Systems industry?

It is impossible to give the most accurate answer to the question: “How much average income does a MIS graduate earn?” Like in other industries, the salary of a Management Information Systems worker depends on performance and experience.

However, although it is not possible to give an exact number, it is possible to divide the salary of the MIS industry into two ranges according to the seniority levels as follows:

● For fresh and inexperienced graduates of Management Information Systems, the salary ranges from 7-10 million. This number of graduates with professional experience ranges from about 10-16 million/month.

● Those with much seniority and good capacity can take on more critical positions such as director and manager. Certainly, a higher rank means a higher salary. This number can range from 30-50 million/month. In addition, for those with fluent foreign language skills and who hold high positions in foreign companies, the salary is certainly not less than 100 million.

Management Information Systems continue to be in high demand. Therefore, students in this field of study can rest assured of their future monthly income.

Students can refer to some high-quality Management Information Systems training schools such as the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Hoa Sen University, and Open University,…

Hoa Sen University is one of the prestigious schools that attract the attention of many students for its international standard curriculum, dynamic learning environment, and dedicated and experienced teaching staff.

Chương trình đào tạo ngành MIS tại ĐH Hoa Sen

Management Information Systems training program at Hoa Sen University

In particular, during their study at Hoa Sen University, students will have many opportunities to experience and participate in real projects of enterprises. In addition, studying many specialized subjects entirely in English at Hoa Sen University will help learners better integrate into the multicultural and multinational business environment with a 100% chance of getting a good job after graduation.

What are the career options for Management Information Systems graduates? What are the job opportunities? The above article has answered in detail all of the questions. Hopefully, that information will help much for those who are about to choose their favorite major and orient their future development path.

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