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What is Human Resource Management? What are the career options and job opportunities after graduation?

Businesses of any size can surely achieve the desired goals if they know how to use human resources effectively. Therefore, Human Resource Management is essential in every organization, playing a decisive role in the success of businesses. The increasing demand for human resources in this industry, the attractive income, and the title of being the leading field of study at prestigious universities prove the vital role of Human Resource Management. So, specifically, what do learners receive in a Human Resource Management training program? What are the skills needed to study Human Resource Management? What are job opportunities after graduation? Let’s explore this field of study in the article below!

What is Human Resource Management? What are the career options and job opportunities after graduation?

What are Human Resource Management job opportunities after graduation? Are the career options diverse?

1. What do learners study in the Human Resource Management program?

The demand for personnel in the Human Resource Management sector continues to rise, with an increasingly strong rising recruitment in companies and organizations. Especially in large-scale companies, the demand for human resources is greater. It poses a big challenge to find highly qualified staff.

Therefore, the discipline of  Human Resource Management was born to train  basic knowledge and skills in human management. The Human Resource Management program not only equips students with general and in-depth knowledge in Human Resource Management but also helps students learn about specific skills in handling work, performing tasks such as administrative management, human resources, labor policies, human resource management, recruitment, and personnel training…

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The Human Resource Management program provides the necessary knowledge and skills in human management.

Basic subjects of a Human Resource Management program are Human resource management, Labor norms, Labor law, Labor safety, Principles of Marketing, The art of leadership, Organizational behavior, Multiculturalism in Human resource management,  Salary management, Strategic management, Financial management, Micro and macroeconomics, Recruitment, Training, and human resource development,…

2. What are the career opportunities in Human Resource Management?

The Human Resource Management industry has developed rapidly in the past decade in Vietnam because almost every company, organization, or business needs a human resource management department. Therefore, graduates of the Human Resource Management program can work in any field in administrative departments, offices, businesses, organizations, and even colleges and universities…

Human Resource Management students can work in the administrative departments of companies and organizations after graduation.

Just as in other industries, the Human Resource Management industry also has a variety of job positions, such as:

● Administration and Human Resources: Working in companies’ administrative and human resources departments. This position is considered a cushy job with light duties, a good salary, and a stable income with less influence by external elements.

● Recruitment specialist: Working in companies, enterprises, organizations… The main responsibilities of a recruitment specialist include recruiting, interviewing, evaluating, and arranging jobs for new employees.

Personnel planning and training staff: seeks good employees through different channels to fill staff vacancies for the company within the stipulated time. They are also responsible for coaching, training, and imparting required knowledge and skills and organizational culture for performing the job to the new employees.

Training manager: Main tasks of a training manager are developing, facilitating, and supervising the company’s training programs for employees according to the monthly and quarterly plan.

● Content management specialist for recruitment websites working at service companies.

3. Which university to study Human Resource Management in Ho Chi Minh City?

Studying in a suitable training environment is essential to receive comprehensive knowledge and skills to become a future excellent human resource manager. Some famous universities that offer Human Resource Management in southern Vietnam are Hoa Sen University, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, and Ho Chi Minh City Open University,…

In particular, Hoa Sen University has been chosen by many students for its training quality and learning environment. The Human Resource Management program of Hoa Sen University is an experimental training program designed to engage students’ emotions and enhance their knowledge and skills. It also helps students acquire theoretical knowledge and practical experience to meet quality output and the recruitment demands of businesses in the market.

The Human Resource Management training program at Hoa Sen has been assessed by the American organization ACBSP to meet international standards.

In addition, the Human Resource Management program at Hoa Sen University provides not only general and in-depth knowledge in Human Resource Management but also knowledge and skills in organizational culture, relationship management within the organization, labor law… The school also focuses on creating opportunities for students to practice and apply their knowledge to real-life experiences through projects or internships.

The Human Resource Management training program at Hoa Sen University is accredited by the U.S. Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programmes (ACBSP) to ensure quality according to international standards. Therefore, students can study specialized courses entirely in the English language, thereby improving their foreign language ability.

With a team of experienced and high-quality lecturers and a modern, dynamic, and international-standard learning environment, Hoa Sen University is proud to be one of the ideal choices for students to practice and develop their future Human Resource Management career path.

We hope the above sharing has helped you better understand about the Human Resource Management program and its career opportunities after graduation. Don’t hesitate to find for yourselves a quality training program to prepare for your future career development.

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