What are the career opportunities for Public Relations? Is it easy to get a job in Public Relations?

Public Relations is considered an essential means of communication to build and create the business brand positioning and enhance the prestige and standing in the social community. With the fierce business market competition, the demand for human resources in Public Relations is very high. Many prestigious universities in our country have begun to expand their training programs to this field of study. So what are the career opportunities for Public Relations? Is it easy to get a job in Public Relations?

Join us to learn more about this new and exciting field of study!

What are the career opportunities for Public Relations

What are the career opportunities for Public Relations? Is it easy to get a job in Public Relations?

1. What do Public Relations students learn in their training programs?

The primary duties of Public Relations are corporate communication, press relations, product promotion, consulting, and lobbying. Public Relations promotes understanding of the organization and its products, services, and activities; builds a rapport, and creates social responsibility of the organization to the community through activities such as sponsorship, events, fundraising…

The Public Relations program will supply students with skills in planning, maintaining, and developing relationships between businesses and customers.

Công việc của người làm ngành quan hệ công chúng là quảng bá thương hiệu, sản phẩm của doanh nghiệp đến cộng đồng, xã hội

Public Relations is in charge of promoting the brand and products of the business to the community and society.

The Public Relations program will provide students with basic knowledge such as general communication, social sciences, economics, sociology, foreign languages… Moreover, students will be able to practice management skills, brand development, Public Relations campaign building, event organization, journalistic and Public Relations writing skills, and website administration…

The development of social networks leads to a change in communication and interaction methods; the appearance of stakeholders such as KOLs, Influencers,… requires Public Relations persons to have enough skills and knowledge to keep up with the development of technology and new media trends..

2. What are the career opportunities for Public Relations?

Graduates of Public Relations will have the opportunity to experience a dynamic and creative working environment at companies, large enterprises, state agencies, and government organizations. It is also possible for them to open their own media consulting company or become researchers or lecturers in the Department of Communication at universities.

Some specific job positions for Public Relations students after graduation include:

  • Reporter, editor: Collecting news, writing news, editing news to serve the needs of the public to update current news.
  • Public Relations Specialist: Assistant to building and implementing communication strategies in business and brand development; analyzing and reporting on the internal and external communication of the enterprise…
  • Public Relations Manager for individuals.
  • Content creation specialist, Copywriter: Building and editing content to propagate and promote brands for businesses.
  • Public Relations lecturer at universities and colleges.

3. Is it easy to get a job in Public Relations? What is the salary range in Public Relations?

The Public Relations industry has only been established in Vietnam for a few years; however, in terms of the “hotness” and job opportunities, Public Relations is among the top of the leading industries. Try searching for the keyword “Public Relations jobs”; the browser will return 4,190,000 results in just 0.48 seconds.

According to a report on the percentage of public relations graduates, after one year of graduation, about 96.36% of Public Relations students have a job, and 35.29% of public relations students have a salary of 10 million or more. It is a relatively high salary for fresh graduates compared to the average salary in Vietnam.

Ngành PR thuộc top ngành có mức lương khá cao hiện nay

Public Relations is one of the highest-paying careers.

Currently, more than 7,000 advertising companies are in the Vietnamese market, equivalent to the need for at least 70,000 employees. But Vietnamworks – one of the largest recruitment sites for human resources, reported that the Public Relations industry still has a shortage in human resources despite being one of the highest-paying careers.

Therefore, the job opportunities for Public Relations students after graduating are very high with various specialties; graduates can easily find jobs that match their abilities and passions. Depending on the job, the salary will vary. But in general, the Public Relations industry has always been the highest-paid industry in the market.

4. What is the best school for Public Relations?

To meet the shortage of human resources in Public Relations, many prestigious universities in our country have started to open this field of study. Students can easily choose quality and suitable schools depending on their ability.

One of the prestigious universities with high training quality in Public Relations is Hoa Sen University. Hoa Sen University is the first Vietnamese university to achieve the 4-star international standard according to the QS Stars (UK) standard right at the initial evaluation.

Hoa Sen University is one of the best Public Relations schools.

Hoa Sen University is famous for its training quality with the educational philosophy of innovation which is a harmonious combination of theory and practice. Hoa Sen University designs the Public Relations program following the trend of integrated communication 4.0 with a team of professional and experienced lecturers in communication, marketing, advertising, strategic consulting…

Students majoring in Public Relations at Hoa Sen University can study and experience other courses such as Management and production of media products,… Besides, they will be able to practice and share real-world experiences at large enterprises while still studying at school.

With the information provided above, we hope we have provided enough information about the career opportunities and prospects in Public Relations in today’s business market. A quality training school will be an intelligent choice to help students build a solid foundation and go further on their self-development journeys in the future.