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Top 5 things to know about Management Information Systems (MIS)

Management Information Systems (MIS) is one of the majors with the highest number of students choosing to study today. So what makes the Management Information Systems “hot” like that?

As potential as it is, will there be high competition in the future? For detailed answers to questions about this hot program, don’t miss the top 5 things to know about Management Information Systems (MIS) in the article below.

Top 5 things to know about Management Information Systems (MIS)

What is Management Information Systems? Top 5 things you need to know about the MIS.

1. What is the Management Information System?

The Management Information Systems, abbreviated MIS, is known in English as Management Information Systems. When mentioning Management Information Systems, many think this major is similar to information technology. However, this statement is not correct. Management Information Systems is a combination of Management – Economics, and Information Technology.

This program helps businesses manage data, information, and human resources effectively in the digital economic development trend.

In other words, a Management Information Systems is applied to connect everything inside the business, including people, business processes, management activities, computer systems, hardware, and software solutions, to help organizations operate more efficiently.

2. What is the Management Information Systems training program?

With the characteristics of a combination of economics and information technology, the Management Information Systems majors fully equip students with knowledge of economics, information technology, and other soft skills. The Management Information Systems major includes:

● Economics subjects: Probability Statistics, Advanced Mathematics, Marketing, Micro-macroeconomics, Management Studies, Accounting Principles,… These subjects give students insight into the most general management model and understanding of customers’ needs.

● Information technology subjects: Programming, Web Design, Data Processing, Web Programming,… These subjects help students understand how to design and manage web and applications for businesses.

● Soft skills: communication, teamwork, working attitude,… These are necessary skills for graduates adapting to the harsh working environment.

Besides, talk shows, internships, and business visits give students opportunities to learn from successful people, guide their careers, and orient their future careers after graduation.

3. The future of the Management information systems

Management Information Systems is a very “hot” program with open job opportunities. However, it is relatively new; therefore, many MIS students still wonder about their career options after graduation.

This program combines many other fields of study so that graduates can encroach on economics or information technology. Specifically, some of the career options in Management Information Systems are:

● Business Analyst

● Business Intelligence Data Analyst

● Manager of Information Technology Development Project

● Database Analyst

● Trainer, Software Deployment Specialist

● Information Technology Consultant

● Business Application Development Specialist

● Database Specialist

● Information Manager

Studying the Management Information Systems program will expand your career opportunities in the digital age.

Studying the Management Information Systems program will expand your career opportunities in the digital age.

4. Salary range of the Management Information Systems

The salary of any profession depends on each person’s ability, experience, and attitude. However, according to statistics, the average salary of workers in Management Information Systems ranges from 10 to 35 million. After advancing to higher positions, this number will run from 45 to 55 million.

This range of salary is relatively high for a fresh graduate. However, this salary level demands workers to compete with many other qualified candidates due to the “hot” industry’s difficulty.

5. Which school is famous for Management information system training?

Those who desire to study Management Information Systems can choose several prestigious MIS training schools, such as Economics of Ho Chi Minh City (UEH), Banking of Ho Chi Minh City (HUB), Hoa Sen University (HSU), Ho Chi Minh City Open University (OU),…

In particular, it is impossible not to mention Hoa Sen University – one of the best universities for training in Information Management Systems in the South.

Best known for the motto of “always respecting differences”, Hoa Sen University has a team of very dedicated and experienced lecturers. These things are essential in creating favorable conditions for MIS students to express their qualities freely and build logical thinking and self-learning ability to adapt to the constant change in the enterprise’s business. Thanks to that, graduates can compete with any candidate confidently.

Hoa Sen University’s Management Information Systems training program equips students with specialized knowledge such as business administration, programming, and data analysis… Moreover, students can experience an international standard learning model and an extremely dynamic learning environment. Besides, modern teaching equipment that meets 5-star standards greatly helps students to learn most effectively.

Hoa Sen University offers specialized subjects of Management taughtentirely in Englishallowing students to improve their English listening and speaking skills and open more career opportunities to work in large national corporations or foreign companies.

Perhaps the above helpful information has helped a lot in learning about the Management Information System and its job opportunities. If you are a young, dynamic student who loves technology and numbers, consider applying for this potential field of study.

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