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Top 5 most prestigious Public Relations schools

Due to the media and communication explosion in the digital age, businesses have paid more attention to creating and strengthening their brands in the market. Therefore, the demand for human resources in the Public Relations industry is growing. Currently, many prestigious universities in Vietnam have offered this field of study. Let’s discover the top 5 most prestigious schools with the best Public Relations programs!

Top 5 most prestigious Public Relations schools

What is the best Public Relations school? Let’s discover the top 5 most prestigious schools with the best Public Relations programs!

1. What is Public Relations?

Public Relations is a strategic communication process that promotes the brand and product of a company or an organization to customers and society and builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. From a product perspective, Public Relations is a marketing tool different from advertising and other paid promotion activities.

Public Relations people are responsible for developing and maintaining positive relationships with customers, partners, the public, media outlets, and others to build the brand and image of the organization or business, thereby enhancing its prestige and position in the market. The most basic difference between Public Relations and paid advertising is the communication based on the spread of stories or through relationships with the press by providing information in the form of press releases. Therefore, Public Relations students can take on many jobs in the Public Relations field, such as:

● Creating business communication messages or business leaders’ communication speeches.

● Creating internal communications and press release content; sending press releases to newspapers.

● Building and expanding customer relationships and partner relationships through sponsorship activities.

● Compiling content and blogs for internal communication and providing information for press releases.

Career opportunities in Public Relations are incredibly diverse and open.

If you have a passion for PR, you will surely be interested in the quality of training in this field. Below are the top 5 prestigious universities that offer the best Public Relations training programs.

2. Top 5 most prestigious Public Relations schools

2.1. Hoa Sen University (HSU)

As one of the leading p universities in Vietnam and a multi-disciplinary, multi-sector university with international standard training quality, Hoa Sen University is one of the reasonable choices for those pursuing Public Relations.

The Public Relations training program at Hoa Sen University is designed according to the market’s needs in the integrated communications trend of the global digitization age. Students majoring in Public Relations will receive a combination of general knowledge in economics, social sciences, business, and marketing and specialized knowledge of Public Relations in the context of rapid changes in multimedia communication.

Chương trình đào tạo ngành quan hệ công chúng tại Đại học Hoa Sen được thiết kế theo xu hướng truyền thông tích hợp của thời đại công nghệ số

The Public Relations training program at Hoa Sen University is designed to keep up with the digital age’s integrated communications trend.

Knowledge and skills that Hoa Sen University ensures to equip Public Relations students:

● New update on the development trend of Public Relations activities in the digital era.

● Foundational knowledge and core skills in integrated Public Relations activities, including: Knowledge about society, economy, culture, art, communication…; Skills in building, creating, and producing media production, strategic planning, content development, press relations, or crisis management skills…

● Skills in planning, managing, and organizing events and media projects.

● Have the opportunities to practice and cooperate with businesses in actual projects.

In particular, Hoa Sen University’s training programs integrate theory and practice; therefore, students can equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills after graduation. With a team of highly qualified and experienced lecturers in marketing, advertising, and communication, as well as methodical teaching and professional training, Hoa Sen University ensures to help students enhance their learning and grow comprehensively.

In addition, final-year Public Relations students will have the opportunity to experience, intern, and practice actual work at large enterprises while studying at the university.

2.2. University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Vietnam National University, Hanoi

The Department of Public Relations of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, belongs to the Faculty of Journalism and Communication. It is one of Vietnam’s first universities to study and offer a training program in Public Relations.

The school’s Public Relations training program provides the necessary knowledge, skills, and learning attitudes for students to train themselves and practice building, maintaining, and developing relationships between organizations, companies, and the public.

In addition, graduates can also have the ability to research and teach Public Relations at research institutions, businesses, or higher education institutions …

2.3. RMIT University

RMIT University builds an international learning environment, equipping students with cross-cultural knowledge, practical experience, and the ability to think outside the box.

RMIT has a communication training program with two primary majors: Public Relations (PR) and Advertising. The program fully equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become competent human resources in the rapidly evolving and constantly changing media landscape.

The school’s training goal is to provide young human resources to meet the market’s ever-changing needs requiring Public Relations and digital communication skills.

Trường Đại học RMIT hướng đến mục tiêu cung cấp nguồn nhân lực chất lượng, đáp ứng nhu cầu thị trường hiện nay

RMIT University aims to provide quality human resources to meet today’s market needs.

2.4. Yersin University in Da Lat

Yersin University is one of the Public Relations schools in the Central Highlands. The training program with many practical subjects according to employers’ needs helps learners express themselves more confidently after graduation. In addition, from their first university year, students can equip themselves with complementary skills for their future careers with many soft skill courses and extra activities such as Photography, Copywriting, Communication skills, and Customer behavior…

After graduation, students are qualified to work in Public Relations in government agencies, non-governmental agencies, media agencies, specialized Public Relations service companies, and other political and social organizations…

2.5. Hanoi Academy of Journalism and Communication (AJC)

The Academy of Journalism and Communication is considered the dream of many young people who love journalism and communication because the school is the first institution to provide training programs in Public Relations in Vietnam.

The Public Relations program at the school equips students with basic knowledge in social sciences and humanities, natural sciences, and more. Moreover, the program also supplies students with specialized knowledge and diverse essential skills to master the nature of Public Relations and fully complement the mass media knowledge to utilize later in their careers.

Being a leading school in the field of Public Relations, the Academy of Journalism and Communication will be a prestigious address for young people who love journalism and communication to study and experience.

Above are the top 5 best Public Relations universities. We hope the above information will help you easily decide about your major and choose a suitable learning environment for yourselves.

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