The secret to success in Interior Design

Along with the development of society, the Interior Design industry has made new strides and is increasingly gaining attention from many people. However, the Interior Design sector is a very competitive market; therefore, it is very challenging to become an interior designer. An interior design person must have passion, perseverance, and strong determination to succeed in the Interior Design industry. So what are the requirements for learning the Interior Design program? Are you suitable for studying Interior Design?

The secret to success in Interior Design

What are the requirements for learning the Interior Design program? What are the essential skills and qualities you need to practice?

1. What skills and qualities do Interior Design students need to have?

Just like any other profession, the Interior Design industry requires certain qualities. Specialized training and artistic ability may not be enough to work in the Interior Design industry.

So what are the essential qualities that a good interior designer should have? What are the requirements for learning the Interior Design program?

1.1. Visualization ability

Good visualization skills are essential for Interior Design students. Interior designers must use their visual perception to create ideation that matches actual customers’ requirements. That means interior designers must be able to visualize the layout of items, space layout, and color scheme … to ensure aesthetics and utility for users.

Khả năng hình dung tốt giúp bạn bố trí vật dụng, không gian, phối màu một cách thẩm mĩ và đảm bảo tính hợp lý

Good visualization greatly helps aesthetically arrange items, space layout, and color schemes but still ensures reasonableness.

1.2. Artistic and creative abilities

Interior designers are artistic and creative. Therefore, Interior Design students must always explore, learn and update new trends and materials to make breakthrough and aesthetical products.

Shaping a signature creative style that suits customer needs will significantly help interior designers build their own brands and become professional interior designers.

1.3. Meticulous and precise

Due to the nature of the job, interior designers need to have carefulness, meticulosity and attention to detail. It would be best if you can make careful measurements and calculations to create detailed drawings for the client to review or develop sketches so that engineers and workers can construct the design projects.

Bạn không cần phải quá giỏi toán học, nhưng đòi hỏi phải tính toán các thông số một cách chính xác

It is unnecessary to be excellent at math but to calculate the parameters correctly.

1.4. Problem-solving skills

During the working process in Interior Design, there may be many challenges during the construction of projects, such as unavailable stock of materials and slow construction progress. Therefore, interior designers must have proficient problem-solving skills to avoid common project planning mistakes and ensure the project is on schedule and budget.

1.5. Good communication skills

Interior designers often have to work with many clients and be the point of contact for contractors, engineers, architects, masons, and electricians on site,… Therefore, it is essential to have good communication skills to effectively communicate your vision to your clients and work with professionals responsible for carrying out your designs to ensure the project’s progress. Excellent communication skills also help convince and deal with the clients to get the best budgets and prices.

Kỹ năng giao tiếp giúp bạn thuận lợi trong quá trình làm việc với khách hàng và thương lượng để có được mức giá tốt nhất

Strong communication skills can help facilitate working and negotiating with customers and getting the best price.

2. What are the career options after studying interior design?

Many young people still question their career options after graduating from Interior Design school. Graduates of Interior Design will be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to take on positions such as:

  • Furniture Designer
  • Interior and Exterior architect designer of houses, apartments, restaurants, and hotels
  • Interior design and decoration consultant
  • Constructor of interior design and decoration
  • Project manager, project and construction supervisor, project and construction consultant
  • Lecturer specializing in Interior Design at universities and colleges.
  • Consultant on colors, materials, and decorative items in projects, cultural and social, trade and services events.
Có rất nhiều ngành nghề phù hợp để bạn lựa chọn sau khi tốt nghiệp ngành thiết kế nội thất

There is a wide range of career options for Interior Design students to choose from after graduation.

3. Interior design schools

Interior Design is a rather specific discipline, requiring artistic talent, creativity, and many other skills to work in the industry. Therefore, it is essential for students to learn, develop and practice knowledge and skills right from school. Choosing a quality training environment will help the students a lot in improving themselves to have good job opportunities after graduation.

Some Interior Design universities with advanced and modern teaching methods to consider are the University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts University, Hoa Sen University…

Hoa Sen University is one of the private universities with a high-quality application-oriented training program in Interior Design. The school’s training programs are referenced from famous universitiesworldwide with the trend of applying technology in teaching and learning.

Hoa Sen University focuses on the core values of each interior design student by promoting advanced thinking, English and communication skills, and design passion.

Cuộc thi thiết kế mẫu trang trí nội thất Hoa Mai tại Khoa Thiết kế và Nghệ thuật Đại học Hoa Sen

Hoa Mai Interior Design contest at the Faculty of Design and Art of Hoa Sen University.

At Hoa Sen University, you will learn in the most modern learning environment with a team of lecturers with extensive teaching and practical experience in architecture, interior design, and interior decoration. Therefore, you will cultivate the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the market’s needs. Along with that, you will also have practical experience through participating in internships at large companies and enterprises.

We hope the above information has answered the question of what it takes to learn Interior Design or whether you are suitable for this training program. Hoa Sen University is an ideal suggestion for those looking for a quality Interior Design school to become a successful interior designer.