The opportunities and future of Management Information Systems (MIS)

Management Information Systems (MIS) is one of the training programs with the highest numbers of students every year. This program plays an essential role in developing and evolving management thinking, opening up many potential career opportunities for students. So what is the future of Management Information Systems (MIS)? What are the career prospects in Management Information Systems? Let’s find out the answer to these questions with Hoa Sen University!

The opportunities and future of Management Information Systems

The future of Management Information Systems

  1. Why study Management Information Systems?

To consider before choosing this major, students need to know about Management Information Systems.

In simple terms, Management Information Systems is a combination of economics and information technology to meet the needs of businesses and organizations…

So why should students study Management Information Systems? Below are some reasons to study Management Information Systems:

● Enterprises are looking for human resources who know how to apply technology in management.

● Online business and online marketing are the trends.

● Management Information Systems industry has an attractive salary, ranking 15/144 occupations with the highest salaries in Vietnam.

● The Management Information Systems human resources in our country have a shortage.

● Learners are equipped with many skills and knowledge of different aspects of economics and information technology.

Với ngành hệ thống thông tin quản lý, sinh viên sẽ được đào tạo về nhiều lĩnh vực liên quan đến kinh tế-quản lý và công nghệ thông tin

The Management Information Systems provides students with skills and knowledge in many fields related to economics-management and information technology.

2.     The future of the Management Information Systems

A Bachelor’s degree will prepare students of Management Information Systems for professional roles in the industry to apply technology to businesses’ management processes. These jobs revolve around data collection and analysis, ensuring business applications’ smooth running, or using electronic methods for business. The government gives special attention and creates many conditions for this industry’s development.

Therefore, students of MIS can rest assured of their career opportunities after graduation. Here are a few specific high-paying jobs that a bachelor of Management Information Systems should not miss:

Data Analyst

A data analyst is a person whose job is to collect, analyze and select the data which benefits the company to improve the quality of service. Analysts can work in many fields such as data, images, operations, and digital business,…

Chuyên viên phân tích dữ liệu là ngành hot và có mức lương khá cao tại Việt Nam

Data analysis is a hot industry with high salaries in Vietnam

Software Implementation and Training Specialist

A Software Implementation and Training specialist is in charge of deploying the company’s software system, training the use of the company’s software products to personnel, and reading and analyzing analytical documents and system business processes…

Software Management Specialist

A Software Management Specialist is responsible for ensuring the program application runs smoothly and improving the application daily to meet customer needs. A Software Management Specialist is also accountable for fixing and handling the software when an application error occurs.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The Information Director plays an important role in the business’s development and operation in providing advice to the Board of Directors and developing information technology plans and strategies for businesses. Moreover, CIO contributes to creating business value and increasing the profitability of companies.

Therefore, graduates of MIS can rest assured of their career opportunities after graduation.

3. Top Schools for Management Information Systems

The Management Information Systems program attracts a large number of young people today. Many universities have offered this program in their learning curricula to capture market psychology.

Students can refer to some of the best Management Information Systems training schools today, such as the University of Commerce, National Economics University, Hoa Sen University, Duy Tan University, University of Economics and Law, University of Banking, and University of Agriculture and Forestry…

Hoa Sen University is known for its quality in training Management Information Systems. According to the school’s annual statistics over the past two years, 100% of their students have jobs before graduation. Studying Management Information Systems at Hoa Sen University, students will have the opportunity to learn with leading experts in the field of Management Information Systems.

Besides that, the training program close to the reality of models of businesses helps students have a more realistic view of their jobs after graduation.

Chuyên viên phân tích dữ liệu là ngành hot và có mức lương khá cao tại Việt Nam

The Management Information Systems program at Hoa Sen University aims at dual goals of training: theory and practice.

With the aim of training excellent future managers, the Management Information Systems training program provides students with in-depth knowledge close to actual needs, a broad understanding of business and technology, and wide and flexible career opportunities.

In addition, specialized subjects are taught entirely in English to help students confidently integrate into a multilingual working environment and the opportunity to transfer to study abroad or pursue higher education. Moreover, students can choose additional subjects to improve their missing skills and have a more multi-dimensional view of the training program.

Management Information Systems has great potential for development; it can be an extremely “hot” industry in the future. Therefore, students should not hesitate to seize the opportunity and choose Management Information Systems from today for its development potential.