Interior Design: Not new but never stopped being “hot”

If you have a passion for designing and highlighting the beauty of a spatial space, Interior Design is the perfect profession for you to unleash your creativity and artistic expression. But have you known how to become a professional interior designer? What is Interior Design? What qualities are needed to be successful in this industry? The following article will give you a review from A to Z of Interior Design.

Interior Design: Not new but never stopped being "hot"

1. What is Interior Design?

Interior Design studies the principles of art, fine art, creativity, and engineering science related to the decoration and organization of living space, working space, relaxing places, and many other architectural spaces for the users.

The hotel decoration project “Hoi An” – NT05 of Do Thi Ly Nin has won the second prize of the Loa Thanh Award in 2020.

2. What do students learn in an Interior Design program?

The Interior Design program will provide students with basic and advanced knowledge and skills about interior design for consulting, design, and construction in different projects.

Theoretical knowledge in the Interior Design program includes the history and development trends of the interior design industry, skills in harmonizing materials and space, design engineering, building structure, building systems, technology, and other related services… Students also have the opportunity to study and improve their software skills such as Autodesk AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, 3Ds Max, PythaCad, SketchUp, and Autodesk Revit,…

Bên cạnh các kiến thức và kỹ năng tổng hợp chuyên ngành thiết kế nội thất, sinh viên sẽ được trau dồi kỹ năng sử dụng các phần mềm thiết kế khác nhau

In addition to general Interior Design knowledge and skills, students can also hone their software design skills.

Besides, the hands-on learning and training will allow students to tackle  real-world experiences byparticipating in actual projects at design studios at school or outside.

3. What are the career opportunities after Interior Design graduation? What is the future of Interior Design?

In Vietnam’s integration trend into the global economy, investors are also interested in investing in business space to attract more customers. There are increasingly high-rise buildings and high-end apartments in all provinces and cities. It means that the demand for interior design for apartments and buildings also increases rapidly and seems to have no limit.

However, there is a fact that the number of students in this field of study is relatively small compared to the demand for interior design in the market, leading to a “thirst” for well-trained and highly specialized human resources to meet job demands. Besides the attractive salary, the job opportunities in the Interior Design industry are also extremely open, which will be an advantage in helping students pursue this creative art industry.

After graduation, Interior Design students can take up positions such as:

  • Interior designer: Implement projects for houses, apartments, villas, companies, hotels, commercial centers, and entertainment areas at interior design companies, construction companies, furniture import and export companies, or interior decoration trading companies…
  • Design/architecture/lighting consultant for civilian construction, industrial projects, hotels, houses, schools, and hospitals…
  • Project manager, consultant, and supervisor of interior design and decoration works
  • Consulting on materials, colors, materials, and items.
  • Consulting on lighting and landscape in interior and exterior decoration and projects
  • Trading in products and materials related to architecture and interior decoration.
  • Self-established company in interior design, design consultancy, and interior and exterior items business.
  • Teaching or working at state companies or architecture, natural resources, and environment departments. 

According to statistics, Interior Design is an above-average-paying job; and successful interior design professionals can receive “huge” salaries. However, this sector is highly competitive as individuals’ value is based on performance, creativity, aesthetic tastes, and the ability to apply knowledge to solve a problem.

Therefore, it is essential for those who work in Interior Design to have a passion for art and creativity; choosing a quality training program to develop the necessary skills is also vital for future career development.

Hoa Sen University is a pioneer in applying strategies that aim to correspond to international trends and standards in education in Vietnam. The school’s Interior Design curriculum is referenced and selected from famous universities worldwide whose key trend in education is the application of technology in teaching and learning.

Ngo Thanh Thi, Nguyen Minh Ngoc, and Dang Dai Loi majoring in Interior Design, Faculty of Design & Art at Hoa Sen University, won the third prize in the “Homes Melody” contest organized by DBHomes interior design company.

Hoa Sen University equips education and training based on the core value of each Interior Design student by promoting the development of advanced thinking skills, English communication skills, and design passion. Hoa Sen University also provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through close cooperation with businesses.

With a team of experienced lecturers teaching and working in fine art, architecture, interior design, and interior decoration, the school’s training program will equip students with basic and advanced specialized knowledge about applied arts, principles, and theory of interior and exterior design and necessary software skills in Interior Design to implement design projects.

Upon graduation, Hoa Sen university ensures that its training program will supply students with the knowledge and skills needed in the workplace to fully meet the human resource needs of all businesses.

We hope the above article has provided the necessary information about the Interior Design training program, the Interior Design industry, and its future. If you are concerned about whether this field of study is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us for advice!

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